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Porphyry copper assessment of Central America and the Caribbean Basin: Chapter I in <i>Global mineral resource assessment</i> [研究报告]
10.3133/sir20105090IU.S. Geological Survey. 2014-01-01
Gray, Floyd fgray@usgs.gov;  Hammarstrom, Jane M. jhammars@usgs.gov;  Ludington, Stephen;  Z??rcher, Lukas;  Nelson, Carl E.;  Robinson, Gilpin R. Jr. grobinso@usgs.gov;  Miller, Robert J. rjmiller@usgs.gov;  Moring, Barry C. moring@usgs.gov
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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Environmental Report 2012 [研究报告]
Jones, H E;  Armstrong, D;  Blake, R G;  Bertoldo, N A;  Cerruti, S J;  Fish, C;  Dibley, V R;  Doman, J L;  Grayson, A R;  Heidecker, K R;  Hollister, R K;  Kumamoto, G;  MacQueen, D H;  Nelson, J C;  Ottaway, H L;  Paterson, L E;  Revelli, M A;  Rosene, C A;  Terrill, A
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Environmental Monitoring Plan, Revision 6 [研究报告]
Gallegos, G M;  Bertoldo, N A;  Blake, R G;  Campbell, C G;  Grayson, A R;  Nelson, J C;  Revelli, M A;  Rosene, C A;  Wegrecki, T;  Williams, R A;  Wilson, K R;  Jones, H E
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Generic Natural Systems Evaluation - Thermodynamic Database Development and Data Management [研究报告]
Jones, H E;  Bertoldo, N A;  Campbell, C G;  Cerruti, S J;  Coty, J D;  Dibley, V R;  Doman, J L;  Grayson, A R;  MacQueen, D H;  Wegrecki, A M;  Armstrong, D H;  Brigdon, S L;  Heidecker, K R;  Hollister, R K;  Khan, H N;  Lee, G S;  Nelson, J C;  Paterson, L E;  Salvo, V
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Resilience implications of policy responses to climate change [期刊论文]
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, 2011-01-01, 2 (5
Adger W;  N;  , Brown K;  , Nelson D;  R;  , Berkes F;  , Eakin H;  , Folke C;  , Galvin K;  , Gunderson L;  , Goulden M;  , O'Brien K;  , Ruitenbeek J;  , Tompkins E;  L
Environmental Monitoring Plan, Revision 5 [研究报告]
Gallegos, G M;  Blake, R G;  Bertoldo, N A;  Campbell, C G;  Coty, J;  Folks, K;  Grayson, A R;  Jones, H E;  Nelson, J C;  Revelli, M A;  Wegrecki, T;  Williams, R A;  Wilson, K
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Ship Channel Design and Operation [专著]
:American Society of Civil Engineers, 1, 2005-08-11
McCartney Bruce L.;  Ebner Laurie L.;  Hales Lyndell Z.;  Nelson Eric E.

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