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First-principles prediction of fast migration channels of potassium ions in KAlSi3O8 hollandite: Implications for high conductivity anomalies in subduction zones [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2016-01-01, 43 (12
He Y.;  Sun Y.;  Lu X.;  Gao J.;  Li H.;  Li H.
Modeling of the coseismic electromagnetic fields observed during the 2004 Mw 6.0 Parkfield earthquake [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2016-01-01, 43 (2
Gao Y.;  Harris J.M.;  Wen J.;  Huang Y.;  Twardzik C.;  Chen X.;  Hu H.
A projection of changes in landfalling atmospheric river frequency and extreme precipitation over western North America from the Large Ensemble CESM simulations [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2016-01-01, 43 (3
Hagos S.M.;  Leung L.R.;  Yoon J.-H.;  Lu J.;  Gao Y.
Generation of multiband chorus by lower band cascade in the Earth's magnetosphere [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2016-01-01, 43 (6
Gao X.;  Lu Q.;  Bortnik J.;  Li W.;  Chen L.;  Wang S.
Potential negative consequences of geoengineering on crop production: A study of Indian groundnut [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2016-01-01, 43 (22
Yang H.;  Dobbie S.;  Ramirez-Villegas J.;  Feng K.;  Challinor A.J.;  Chen B.;  Gao Y.;  Lee L.;  Yin Y.;  Sun L.;  Watson J.;  Koehler A.-K.;  Fan T.;  Ghosh S.
Human impact on erosion patterns and sediment transport in the Yangtze River [期刊论文]
Global and Planetary Change, 2016-01-01, 143
Sun X.;  Li C.;  Kuiper K.F.;  Zhang Z.;  Gao J.;  Wijbrans J.R.
Indications for Three Independent Domestication Events for the Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze) and New Insights into the Origin of Tea Germplasm in China and India Revealed by Nuclear Microsatellites [期刊论文]
PLOS ONE, 2016-01-01, 11 (5
M. K. Meegahakumbura;  M. C. Wambulwa;  K. K. Thapa;  M. M. Li;  M. Möller;  J. C. Xu;  J. B. Yang;  B. Y. Liu;  S. Ranjitkar;  J. Liu;  D. Z. Li;  L. M. Gao
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Occupational Lead Exposure and Associations with Selected Cancers: The Shanghai Men’s and Women’s Health Study Cohorts [期刊论文]
Environmental Health Perspectives, 2016-01-01, Volume 124 (Issue 1
Linda M. Liao;  1 Melissa C. Friesen;  1 Yong-Bing Xiang;  2 Hui Cai;  3 Dong-Hee Koh;  4 Bu-Tian Ji;  1 Gong Yang;  3 Hong-Lan Li;  2 Sarah J. Locke;  1 Nathaniel Rothman;  1 Wei Zheng;  3 Yu-Tang Gao;  2 Xiao-Ou Shu;  3;  Mark P. Purdue1
Adobe PDF(177Kb)  |  View/Download:10/1
Land-use and sustainability under intersecting global change and domestic policy scenarios: Trajectories for Australia to 2050 [期刊论文]
Global Environmental Change-Human and Policy Dimensions, 2016-01-01, Volume 38 (May 2016) : Pages 130-152
Brett A. Bryan;  Martin Nolan;  Lisa McKellar;  Jeffery D. Connor;  David Newth;  Tom Harwood;  Darran King;  Javier Navarro;  Yiyong Cai;  Lei Gao;  Mike Grundy;  Paul Graham;  Andreas Ernst;  Simon Dunstall;  Florian Stock;  Thomas Brinsmead;  Ian Harman;  Nicola J. Gri
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Aeolian activity in the south margin of the Tengger Desert in northern China since the Late Glacial Period revealed by luminescence chronology [期刊论文]
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 2016-01-01, 457
Peng J.;  Dong Z.;  Han F.;  Gao L.

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