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Consistency and discrepancy in the atmospheric response to Arctic sea-ice loss across climate models [期刊论文]
Nature Geoscience, 2018-01-01, 11 (3
Screen J.A.;  Deser C.;  Smith D.M.;  Zhang X.;  Blackport R.;  Kushner P.J.;  Oudar T.;  McCusker K.E.;  Sun L.
Analysis on the synergistic effect of sustainable development of coal industry under 1.5 °C scenario [期刊论文]
Advances in Climate Change Research, 2018-01-01, 9 (2
Shi Y.-Y.;  Sun J.;  Wu L.-X.
Temperature change along elevation and its effect on the alpine timberline tree growth in the southeast of the Tibetan Plateau [期刊论文]
Advances in Climate Change Research, 2018-01-01,
Chen B.-X.;  Sun Y.-F.;  Zhang H.-B.;  Han Z.-H.;  Wang J.-S.;  Li Y.-K.;  Yang X.-L.
Idealized large-eddy simulation study of interaction between urban heat island and sea breeze circulations [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Research, 2018-01-01, 214
Shen L.;  Sun J.;  Yuan R.
Characterization of PM2.5-bound nitrated and oxygenated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in ambient air of Langfang during periods with and without traffic restriction [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Research, 2018-01-01, 213
Zhao J.;  Zhang J.;  Sun L.;  Liu Y.;  Lin Y.;  Li Y.;  Wang T.;  Mao H.
Optical characteristics and source apportionment of brown carbon in winter PM2.5 over Yulin in Northern China [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Research, 2018-01-01, 213
Lei Y.;  Shen Z.;  Wang Q.;  Zhang T.;  Cao J.;  Sun J.;  Zhang Q.;  Wang L.;  Xu H.;  Tian J.;  Wu J.
Shipborne observations of atmospheric black carbon aerosol from Shanghai to the Arctic Ocean during the 7th Chinese Arctic Research Expedition [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Research, 2018-01-01, 210
Ding M.;  Tian B.;  Zhang T.;  Tang J.;  Peng H.;  Bian L.;  Sun W.
Summertime C1-C5 alkyl nitrates over Beijing, northern China: Spatial distribution, regional transport, and formation mechanisms [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Research, 2018-01-01, 204
Sun J.;  Li Z.;  Xue L.;  Wang T.;  Wang X.;  Gao J.;  Nie W.;  Simpson I.J.;  Gao R.;  Blake D.R.;  Chai F.;  Wang W.
Molecular composition and seasonal variation of amino acids in urban aerosols from Beijing, China [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Research, 2018-01-01, 203
Ren L.;  Bai H.;  Yu X.;  Wu F.;  Yue S.;  Ren H.;  Li L.;  Lai S.;  Sun Y.;  Wang Z.;  Fu P.
Characteristics of fine particulate matter and its sources in an industrialized coastal city, Ningbo, Yangtze River Delta, China [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Research, 2018-01-01, 203
Wang W.;  Yu J.;  Cui Y.;  He J.;  Xue P.;  Cao W.;  Ying H.;  Gao W.;  Yan Y.;  Hu B.;  Xin J.;  Wang L.;  Liu Z.;  Sun Y.;  Ji D.;  Wang Y.

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