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Ca isotopic geochemistry of an Antarctic aquatic system [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2017-01-01, 44 (2
Lyons W.B.;  Bullen T.D.;  Welch K.A.
Palaeohydrological changes during the mid and late Holocene in the Carpathian area, central-eastern Europe [期刊论文]
Global and Planetary Change, 2017-01-01, 152
Haliuc A.;  Veres D.;  Brauer A.;  Hubay K.;  Hutchinson S.;  Begy R.;  Braun M.
Chemical weathering and consumption of atmospheric carbon dioxide in the Alpine region [期刊论文]
Global and Planetary Change, 2016-01-01, 136
Donnini M.;  Frondini F.;  Probst J.-L.;  Probst A.;  Cardellini C.;  Marchesini I.;  Guzzetti F.
Wildfires and geochemical change in a subalpine forest over the past six millennia [期刊论文]
Environmental Research Letters, 2016-01-01, 11 (12
Bérangère Leys;  Philip E Higuera;  Kendra K McLauchlan;  Paul V Dunnette
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Climatic and biotic thresholds of coral-reef shutdown [期刊论文]
Nature Climate Change, 2015-02-23, Volume:5) : Pages:369;374 (2015)
Lauren T. Toth
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Deciphering magnetoclimatological patterns of late Early to early Middle Pleistocene loess-paleosol sequences in the western Chinese Loess Plateau [期刊论文]
Global and Planetary Change, 2015-01-01, 130
Wang X.;  Yang Z.;  Chen Y.;  Hu J.;  Tang L.;  Sheng M.;  Løvlie R.
Feldspar dissolution-enhanced porosity in Paleoproterozoic shale reservoir facies from the Barney Creek Formation (McArthur Basin, Australia) [期刊论文]
AAPG Bulletin, 2015-01-01, 99 (9
Baruch E.T.;  Kennedy M.J.;  Löhr S.C.;  Dewhurst D.N.
Hydrocarbon-induced diagenetic alteration of the Permian White Rim Sandstone, Elaterite Basin, southeast Utah [期刊论文]
AAPG Bulletin, 2015-01-01, 99 (5
Gorenc M.A.;  Chan M.A.
Evaluation of the compositional changes during flooding of reactive fluids using scanning electron microscopy, nano-secondary ion mass spectrometry, x-ray diffraction, and whole-rock geochemistry [期刊论文]
AAPG Bulletin, 2015-01-01, 99 (5
Zimmermann U.;  Madland M.V.;  Nermoen A.;  Hildebrand-Habel T.;  Bertolino S.A.R.;  Hiorth A.;  Korsnes R.I.;  Audinot J.-N.;  Grysan P.
Feldspar dissolution, authigenic clays, and quartz cements in open and closed sandstone geochemical systems during diagenesis: Typical examples from two sags in Bohai Bay Basin, East China [期刊论文]
AAPG Bulletin, 2015-01-01, 99 (11
Yuan G.;  Cao Y.;  Cluyas J.;  Li X.;  Xi K.;  Wang Y.;  Jia Z.;  Sun P.;  Oxtoby N.H.

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