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Climate finance and water security: Synthesis report [研究报告]
Oxford Policy Management. 2015-01-01
M. Savage;  A. Mujica;  Ian Ross
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National climate change adaptation: emerging practices in monitoring and evaluation [研究报告]
OECD. 2015-01-01
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
Health and climate change: policy responses to protect public health [研究报告]
The Lancet. 2015-01-01
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The institutionalisation of climate policy in India: designing a development-focused, co-benefits based approach [研究报告]
Centre for Policy Research. 2015-01-01
N.K. Dubash;  N.B. Joseph
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Building toward breakthrough: Energizing the Paris 2015 climate negotiations and Post-Paris Action Agenda through broader engagement [研究报告]
Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy. 2015-01-01
Climate adaptation research in a larger Europe: an analysis at national scale [研究报告]
Good practice study on principles for indicator development, selection, and use in climate change adaptation monitoring and evaluation [研究报告]
-Eval Community of Practice. 2015-01-01
P. Leagnavar;  D. Bours;  C. McGinn
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Transparency and the Paris Agreement: driving ambitious action in the new climate regime [研究报告]
CDKN. 2015-01-01
A. Deprez;  M. Colombier;  T. Spencer
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The emerging economies and climate change: a case study of the BASIC grouping [研究报告]
Transnational Institute. 2014-01-01
P. Bidwai
Adaptation gap report [研究报告]
UNEP. 2014-01-01
United Nations Environment Programme

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