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Outcome Evaluation of U.S. Department of State Support for the Global Methane Initiative [研究报告]
RAND Corporation. 2013-01-01
Nicholas Burger;  Noreen Clancy;  Yashodhara Rana;  Rena Rudavsky;  Aimee E. Curtright;  Francisco Perez-Arce;  Joanne K. Yoong
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An Evolutionary Model of Industry Transformation and the Political Sustainability of Emission Control Policies [研究报告]
RAND Corporation. 2013-01-01
Steven C. Isley;  Robert J. Lempert;  Steven W. Popper;  Raffaele Vardavas
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The Industrial Base for Carbon Dioxide Storage: Status and Prospects [研究报告]
RAND Corporation. 2013-01-01
David S. Ortiz;  Constantine Samaras;  Edmundo Molina-Perez
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Charting the Course for a New Air Force Inspection System [研究报告]
RAND Corporation. 2013-01-01
Frank Camm;  Laura Werber;  Julie Kim;  Elizabeth Wilke;  Rena Rudavsky
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Workplace Wellness Programs Study: Final Report [研究报告]
10.7249/RR254RAND Corporation. 2013-01-01
Soeren Mattke;  Hangsheng Liu;  John P. Caloyeras;  Christina Y. Huang;  Kristin R. Van Busum;  Dmitry Khodyakov;  Victoria Shier
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Surprise! From CEOs to Navy SEALs: How a Select Group of Professionals Prepare for and Respond to the Unexpected [研究报告]
10.7249/RR341RAND Corporation. 2013-01-01
Dave Baiocchi;  D. Steven Fox
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Robust Water-Management Strategies for the California Water Plan Update 2013: Proof-of-Concept Analysis [研究报告]
10.7249/RR182RAND Corporation. 2013-01-01
David G. Groves;  Evan Bloom
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Obtaining Life-Cycle Cost-Effective Facilities in the Department of Defense [研究报告]
10.7249/RR169RAND Corporation. 2013-01-01
Constantine Samaras;  Abigail Haddad;  Clifford A. Grammich;  Katharine Watkins Webb
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New Assessments, Better Instruction? Designing Assessment Systems to Promote Instructional Improvement [研究报告]
10.7249/RR354RAND Corporation. 2013-01-01
Susannah Faxon-Mills;  Laura S. Hamilton;  Mollie Rudnick;  Brian M. Stecher
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Fiscal Performance and U.S. International Influence [研究报告]
10.7249/RR353RAND Corporation. 2013-01-01
C. Richard Neu;  Zhimin Mao;  Ian P. Cook
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