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Examining the Alignment between the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions and Sustainable Development Goals [研究报告]
Worldwatch Institute. 2016-09-01
Eliza Northrop;  Hana Biru;  Sylvia Lima;  Mathilde Bouyé;  Ranping Song
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Family Planning and Environmental Sustainability: Assessing the Science [研究报告]
Worldwatch Institute. 2016-06-01
Accelerating Building Efficiency--Eight Actions for Urban Leaders [研究报告]
World Resources Institute. 2016-01-01
Jennifer Layke;  Eric Mackres;  Sifan Liu;  Nate Aden;  Renilde Becqué;  Peter Graham;  Katrina Managan;  Clay Nesler;  Ksenia Petrichenko;  Susan Mazur-Stommen
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Extreme Weather Events and Climate Change Attribution [研究报告]
Thomas, Katherine
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International Workshop on Comparing Ice Nucleation Measuring Systems 2014 [研究报告]
Cziczo, Daniel
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AMF 1 Site Science [研究报告]
Miller, Mark Alan
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Offsetting in the Aviation Sector----Evaluating voluntary offset programs of major airlines [研究报告]
Ecologic Institute, Germany. 2016-01-01
Elizabeth Zelljadt
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Caribbean Sustainable Energy Roadmap and Strategy (C-SERMS): Baseline Report and Assessment [研究报告]
Worldwatch Institute. 2015-10-01
Alexander Ochs;  Mark Konold;  Katie Auth;  Evan Musolino;  Philip Killeen
Harnessing the Dominican Republic’s Sustainable Energy Resources [研究报告]
Worldwatch Institute. 2015-07-01
Mark Konold;  Matthew Lucky;  Alexander Ochs;  Evan Musolino;  Michael Weber;  Asad Ahmed
DOE Final Report on Collaborative Research. Quantifying Climate Feedbacks of the Terrestrial Biosphere under Thawing Permafrost Conditions in the Arctic [研究报告]
Zhuang, Qianlai;  Schlosser, C. Adam;  Melillo, Jerry M.;  Anthony, Katey Walter;  Kicklighter, David;  Gao, Xiang
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