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Sustainable water management for resilience to climate change impact on society in South Africa (SUWAM) [研究报告]
SINTEF Building and Infrastructure. 2017-01-01
Helness, Herman;  De Clercq, Willem;  Damman, Sigrid;  Elema, Nico
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FESCUE‐GREEN: Best management of red fescue (Festuca rubra) golf greens for high sustainability and playability. Final scientific report 2011-2015 [研究报告]
NIBIO. 2017-01-01
Aamlid, Trygve;  Kvalbein, Agnar;  Dahl Jensen, Anne Mette;  Rasmussen, Per
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From Doing Better to Doing Enough: Anchoring Corporate Sustainability Targets in Science [研究报告]
Worldwatch Institute. 2016-10-01
Samantha Putt del Pino;  Cynthia Cummis;  Sarah Lake;  Paul Reig;  Kevin Rabinovitch
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Communication, environment and behaviour [研究报告]
European Environment Agency. 2016-01-01
Seafood in Europe — A food system approach for sustainability [研究报告]
European Environment Agency. 2016-01-01
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Water-Energy Nexus: Business Risks and Rewards [研究报告]
Worldwatch Institute. 2016-01-01
Eliot Metzger;  Paul Reig;  William Hua Wen;  Robert Samuel Young;  Brandon Owens
Shifting Political Economy of Russian Oil and Gas [研究报告]
Center for Strategic and International Studies. 2016-01-01
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Assessing the Final Clean Power Plan [研究报告]
Center for Strategic and International Studies. 2016-01-01
John Larsen;  Sarah Ladislaw
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Transboundary Waters Assessment Programme Vol. 2: Transboundary lakes and reservoirs: Status and future trends: Summary for policy makers [研究报告]
ILEC, UNEP. 2016-01-01
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Conceptual Model of Climate Change Impacts at LANL [研究报告]
Dewart, Jean Marie
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