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From Doing Better to Doing Enough: Anchoring Corporate Sustainability Targets in Science [研究报告]
Worldwatch Institute. 2016-10-01
Samantha Putt del Pino;  Cynthia Cummis;  Sarah Lake;  Paul Reig;  Kevin Rabinovitch
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Domestic Processes for Joining the Paris Agreement [研究报告]
Worldwatch Institute. 2016-09-01
Eliza Northrop;  Chad Smith
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Examining the Alignment between the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions and Sustainable Development Goals [研究报告]
Worldwatch Institute. 2016-09-01
Eliza Northrop;  Hana Biru;  Sylvia Lima;  Mathilde Bouyé;  Ranping Song
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Inclusion of Consumption of carbon intensive materials in emissions trading – An option for carbon pricing post-2020 [研究报告]
Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. 2016-06-01
Karsten Neuhoff;  Roland Ismer;  William Acworth
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Climate Benefits, Tenure Costs----The Economic Case For SecuringIndigenous Land Rights in the Amazon [研究报告]
Worldwatch Institute. 2016-06-01
Helen Ding;  Peter Veit;  Erin Gray;  Katie Reytar;  Juan-Carlos Altamirano
Family Planning and Environmental Sustainability: Assessing the Science [研究报告]
Worldwatch Institute. 2016-06-01
UK climate change policy: how does it affect competitiveness? [研究报告]
Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. 2016-05-01
Samuela Bassi;  Chris Duffy
Comparing costs of implementing EU policy across Member States [研究报告]
Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP). 2016-03-01
Andrew Farmer;  Emma Watkins;  Sirini Withana
The effects of climate change on financial stability, with particular reference to Sweden [研究报告]
Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. 2016-02-01
Alex Bowen;  Simon Dietz
European forest ecosystems - State and trends [研究报告]
European Environment Agency. 2016-01-01

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