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Examination of movements and survival of Pahranagat roundtail chub (Gila robusta jordani) in the Pahranagat River and adjacent waters, Nevada, 2014–18 [研究报告]
10.3133/ofr20191075U.S. Geological Survey. 2019-01-01
Martin, Barbara A.;  Hayes, Brian S.;  Harris, Alta C.
Report from the Ice and Climate Evolution Science Analysis group (ICE-SAG) [研究报告]
JPL. 2019-01-01
Putzig, Than;  Diniega, Serina;  Dundas, Colin M.;  Titus, Timothy N.
Hydrologic site assessment for passive treatment of groundwater nitrogen with permeable reactive barriers, Cape Cod, Massachusetts [研究报告]
10.3133/sir20195047U.S. Geological Survey. 2019-01-01
Barbaro, Jeffrey R.;  Belaval, Marcel;  Truslow, Danna B.;  LeBlanc, Denis R.;  Cambareri, Thomas C.;  Michaud, Scott C.
Hawaiian hoary bat (Lasiurus cinereus semotus) activity, diet and prey availability at the Waihou Mitigation Area, Maui [研究报告]
Hawai‘i Cooperative Studies Unit, University of Hawai‘i at Hilo. 2019-01-01
Pinzari, Corinna A.;  Peck, Robert W;  Zinn, Terry;  Gross, Danielle;  Montoya-Aiona, Kristina;  Brinck, Kevin W.;  Gorresen, Paulo Marcos;  Bonaccorso, Frank J
Council Monitoring and Assessment Program (CMAP): Inventory of existing water quality and habitat monitoring, and mapping metadata for Gulf of Mexico Programs [研究报告]
10.25923/gwpx-ff30NOAA, U. S. Geological Survey. 2019-01-01
Bosch, Julie;  Burkart, Heidi;  Chivoiu, Bogdan;  Clark, Randy;  Clement, Chris;  Enwright, Nicholas;  Giordano, Steve;  Jeffrey, Chris;  Johnson, Edward;  Hart, Rheannon M.;  Hile, Sarah;  Howell, Jacob;  Laurenzano, Claudia (Contractor);  Lee, Michael T.;  McCloskey, Terrence A.;  McTigue, Terry;  Meyers, Michelle B.;  Mize, Scott;  Monaco, Mark E.;  Owen, Kevin;  Rebich, Richard A.;  Rendon, Samuel H.;  Robertson, Ali;  Sample, Thomas;  Steyer, Gregory D.;  Suir, Kevin J.;  Swarzenski, Christopher M.;  Watson, Katie
Groundwater quality and hydrology with emphasis on selenium mobilization and transport in the Lower Gunnison River Basin, Colorado, 2012–16 [研究报告]
10.3133/sir20195029U.S. Geological Survey. 2019-01-01
Thomas, Judith C.;  McMahon, Peter B.;  Arnold, L. R.
Effects of experimental removal of Barred Owls on population Demography of Northern Spotted Owls in Washington and Oregon—2018 Progress Report [研究报告]
10.3133/ofr20191074U.S. Geological Survey. 2019-01-01
Wiens, J. David;  Dugger, Katie M.;  Lesmeister, Damon B.;  Dilione, Krista E.;  Simon, David C.
Optimization of salt marsh management at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, Virginia, through use of structured decision making [研究报告]
10.3133/ofr20191056U.S. Geological Survey. 2019-01-01
Neckles, Hilary A.;  Lyons, James E.;  Nagel, Jessica L.;  Adamowicz, Susan C.;  Mikula, Toni;  Holcomb, Kevin S.
Capacity and area of Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees, northeastern Oklahoma, 2009 [研究报告]
10.3133/sir20195040U.S. Geological Survey. 2019-01-01
Hunter, Shelby L.;  Labriola, Laura G.
Assessing potential effects of highway and urban runoff on receiving streams in total maximum daily load watersheds in Oregon using the stochastic empirical loading and dilution model [研究报告]
10.3133/sir20195053U.S. Geological Survey. 2019-01-01
Stonewall, Adam J.;  Granato, Gregory E.;  Glover-Cutter, Kira M.

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