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Indian continental lithosphere and related volcanism beneath Myanmar: Constraints from local earthquake tomography [期刊论文]
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2021-01-01, 567
Zhang G.;  He Y.;  Ai Y.;  Jiang M.;  Mon C.T.;  Hou G.;  Thant M.;  Sein K.
Impacts of the desulfurization price subsidy policy on SO2 reduction: Evidence from China's coal-fired power plants [期刊论文]
Energy Policy, 2021-01-01, 157
Ai H.;  Zhou Z.;  Li K.;  Kang Z.-Y.
Insights into photoluminescence mechanisms of carbon dots: advances and perspectives [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01, 66 (8
Ai L.;  Yang Y.;  Wang B.;  Chang J.;  Tang Z.;  Yang B.;  Lu S.
Extremely stable amidoxime functionalized covalent organic frameworks for uranium extraction from seawater with high efficiency and selectivity [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01,
Cheng G.;  Zhang A.;  Zhao Z.;  Chai Z.;  Hu B.;  Han B.;  Ai Y.;  Wang X.
Observation of thickness-tuned universality class in superconducting β-W thin films [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01,
Huang C.;  Zhang E.;  Zhang Y.;  Zhang J.;  Xiu F.;  Liu H.;  Xie X.;  Ai L.;  Yang Y.;  Zhao M.;  Qi J.;  Li L.;  Liu S.;  Li Z.;  Zhan R.;  Bie Y.-Q.;  Kou X.;  Deng S.;  Xie X.C.
Direct integration of ultralow-platinum alloy into nanocarbon architectures for efficient oxygen reduction in fuel cells [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01,
Zaman S.;  Tian X.;  Su Y.-Q.;  Cai W.;  Yan Y.;  Qi R.;  Douka A.I.;  Chen S.;  You B.;  Liu H.;  Ding S.;  Guo X.;  Xia B.Y.
Joint inversion of Rayleigh wave ellipticity and phase velocity for crustal structure in Taiwan [期刊论文]
Tectonophysics, 2021-01-01, 814
Ai S.;  Zheng Y.;  Wang S.;  He L.
Imaging the shallow crustal velocity structure of the Qingchengzi ore field on the Liaodong Peninsula, China, with a short-period dense array using ambient noise tomography [期刊论文]
Tectonophysics, 2021-01-01, 813
Xie T.;  Xu T.;  Ai Y.;  Zeng Q.;  Zhang W.;  Zheng F.
A hierarchical spatial-temporal graph-kernel for high-resolution SAR image change detection [期刊论文]
International Journal of Remote Sensing, 2020-01-01, 41 (10
Jia L.;  Wang J.;  Ai J.;  Jiang Y.
Do climate and human disturbance determine the sizes of endangered Metasequoia glyptostroboides trees in their native range? [期刊论文]
Global Ecology and Conservation, 2020-01-01, 21
Fan K.;  Ai X.;  Yao L.;  Huang J.;  Xu Y.;  Lu X.;  Ding Y.;  Zang R.

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