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Seasonal changes in sea ice kinematics and deformation in the Pacific sector of the Arctic Ocean in 2018/19 [期刊论文]
Cryosphere, 2021-01-01, 15 (3
Lei R.;  Hoppmann M.;  Cheng B.;  Zuo G.;  Gui D.;  Cai Q.;  Jakob Belter H.;  Yang W.
Consequences of permafrost degradation for Arctic infrastructure - Bridging the model gap between regional and engineering scales [期刊论文]
Cryosphere, 2021-01-01, 15 (5
Schneider Von Deimling T.;  Lee H.;  Ingeman-Nielsen T.;  Westermann S.;  Romanovsky V.;  Lamoureux S.;  Walker D.A.;  Chadburn S.;  Trochim E.;  Cai L.;  Nitzbon J.;  Jacobi S.;  Langer M.
Holocene variability of East Asian summer monsoon as viewed from the speleothem δ18O records in central China [期刊论文]
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2021-01-01, 558
Cai Y.;  Cheng X.;  Ma L.;  Mao R.;  Breitenbach S.F.M.;  Zhang H.;  Xue G.;  Cheng H.;  Edwards R.L.;  An Z.
Wildfires and deforestation during the Permian–Triassic transition in the southern Junggar Basin, Northwest China [期刊论文]
Earth Science Reviews, 2021-01-01, 218
Cai Y.-F.;  Zhang H.;  Cao C.-Q.;  Zheng Q.-F.;  Jin C.-F.;  Shen S.-Z.
The impact of feed-in tariff degression on R&D investment in renewable energy: The case of the solar PV industry [期刊论文]
Energy Policy, 2021-01-01, 151
Ma R.;  Cai H.;  Ji Q.;  Zhai P.
Uncertainty in the prediction and management of CO2 emissions: a robust minimum entropy approach [期刊论文]
Natural Hazards, 2021-01-01, 107 (3
Qu S.;  Cai H.;  Xu D.;  Mohamed N.
Correction to: Uncertainty in the prediction and management of CO2 emissions: a robust minimum entropy approach (Natural Hazards, (2020), 10.1007/s11069-020-04434-6) [期刊论文]
Natural Hazards, 2021-01-01,
Qu S.;  Cai H.;  Xu D.;  Mohamed N.
2D perovskites for field-effect transistors [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01, 66 (7
Cai W.;  Wang H.;  Zang Z.;  Ding L.
A large-scale transcriptional study reveals inhibition of COVID-19 related cytokine storm by traditional Chinese medicines [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01,
Dai Y.;  Qiang W.;  Gui Y.;  Tan X.;  Pei T.;  Lin K.;  Cai S.;  Sun L.;  Ning G.;  Wang J.;  Guo H.;  Sun Y.;  Cheng J.;  Xie L.;  Lan X.;  Wang D.
High content anion (S/Se/P) doping assisted by defect engineering with fast charge transfer kinetics for high-performance sodium ion capacitors [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01,
Deng X.;  Zou K.;  Momen R.;  Cai P.;  Chen J.;  Hou H.;  Zou G.;  Ji X.

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