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Comparison of different methods to retrieve optical-equivalent snow grain size in central Antarctica [期刊论文]
Cryosphere, 2017-01-01, 11 (6
Carlsen T;  , Birnbaum G;  , Ehrlich A;  , Freitag J;  , Heygster G;  , Istomina L;  , Kipfstuhl S;  , Orsi A;  , Schäfer M;  , Wendisch M
Indicators of residential traffic exposure: Modelled NOX, traffic proximity, and self-reported exposure in RHINE III [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2017-01-01, 167
Carlsen H;  K;  , Bäck E;  , Eneroth K;  , Gislason T;  , Holm M;  , Janson C;  , Jensen S;  S;  , Johannessen A;  , Kaasik M;  , Modig L;  , Segersson D;  , Sigsgaard T;  , Forsberg B;  , Olsson D;  , Orru H
To what extent are land resource managers preparing for high-end climate change in Scotland? [期刊论文]
Climatic Change, 2017-01-01, 141 (2
Dunn M.;  Rounsevell M.D.;  Carlsen H.;  Dzebo A.;  Lourenço T.C.;  Hagg J.
Photochemical production of molecular bromine in Arctic surface snowpacks [期刊论文]
Nature Geoscience, 2013-01-01, 6 (5
Pratt K.A.;  Custard K.D.;  Shepson P.B.;  Douglas T.A.;  Pöhler D.;  General S.;  Zielcke J.;  Simpson W.R.;  Platt U.;  Tanner D.J.;  Gregory Huey L.;  Carlsen M.;  Stirm B.H.
Rare Plant Monitoring and Restoration at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Experimental Test Site, Site 300, Project Progress Report 2007 through 2011 [研究报告]
Carlsen, T M;  Paterson, L E;  Alfaro, T M;  Gregory, S D
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Evaluation of In Situ Grouting as a Potential Remediation Method for the Hanford Central Plateau Deep Vadose Zone [研究报告]
Esser, B K;  Hudson, G B;  Moran, J E;  Beller, H;  Carlsen, T;  Dooher, B;  Krauter, P;  McNab, W;  Madrid, V;  Rice, D;  Verce, M;  Rosenberg, N
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Rare Plant Restoration and Monitoring at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Site 300, Project Progress Report, Fiscal Year 2005 and 2006. [研究报告]
Paterson, L E;  Carlsen, T M;  Afaro, T M;  Espeland, E
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