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Rice with reduced stomatal density conserves water and has improved drought tolerance under future climate conditions [期刊论文]
NEW PHYTOLOGIST, 2019-01-01, 221 (1) : 371-384
Caine, Robert S.;  Yin, Xiaojia;  Sloan, Jennifer;  Harrison, Emily L.;  Mohammed, Umar;  Fulton, Timothy;  Biswal, Akshaya K.;  Dionora, Jacqueline;  Chater, Caspar C.;  Coe, Robert A.;  Bandyopadhyay, Anindya;  Murchie, Erik H.;  Swarup, Ranjan;  Quick, W. Paul;  Gray, Julie E.
Variability in modern pollen rain from moist and wet tropical forest plots in Ghana, West Africa [期刊论文]
GRANA, 2019-01-01, 58 (1) : 45-62
Julier, Adele C. M.;  Jardine, Phillip E.;  Adu-Bredu, Stephen;  Coe, Angela L.;  Fraser, Wesley T.;  Lomax, Barry H.;  Malhi, Yadvinder;  Moore, Sam;  Gosling, William D.
Observations of Isocyanate, Amide, Nitrate, and Nitro Compounds From an Anthropogenic Biomass Burning Event Using a ToF-CIMS [期刊论文]
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 2018-01-01, 123 (14
Priestley M.;  Le Breton M.;  Bannan T.J.;  Leather K.E.;  Bacak A.;  Reyes-Villegas E.;  De Vocht F.;  Shallcross B.M.A.;  Brazier T.;  Anwar Khan M.;  Allan J.;  Shallcross D.E.;  Coe H.;  Percival C.J.
Black-carbon absorption enhancement in the atmosphere determined by particle mixing state [期刊论文]
Nature Geoscience, 2017-01-01, 10 (3
Liu D.;  Whitehead J.;  Alfarra M.R.;  Reyes-Villegas E.;  Spracklen D.V.;  Reddington C.L.;  Kong S.;  Williams P.I.;  Ting Y.-C.;  Haslett S.;  Taylor J.W.;  Flynn M.J.;  Morgan W.T.;  McFiggans G.;  Coe H.;  Allan J.D.
Changing Amazon biomass and the role of atmospheric CO2 concentration, climate, and land use [期刊论文]
Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2016-01-01, 30 (1
De Almeida Castanho A;  D;  , Galbraith D;  , Zhang K;  , Coe M;  T;  , Costa M;  H;  , Moorcroft P
The effect of complex black carbon microphysics on the determination of the optical properties of brown carbon [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2015-01-01, 42 (2
Liu D.;  Taylor J.W.;  Young D.E.;  Flynn M.J.;  Coe H.;  Allan J.D.
New directions: Air pollution challenges for developing megacities like Delhi [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2015-01-01, 122
Kumar P;  , Khare M;  , Harrison R;  M;  , Bloss W;  J;  , Lewis A;  C;  , Coe H;  , Morawska L
Air quality and human health improvements from reductions in deforestation-related fire in Brazil [期刊论文]
Nature Geoscience, 2015-01-01, 8 (10
Reddington C.L.;  Butt E.W.;  Ridley D.A.;  Artaxo P.;  Morgan W.T.;  Coe H.;  Spracklen D.V.
Organic aerosol emission ratios from the laboratory combustion of biomass fuels [期刊论文]
Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres, 2014-01-01, 119 (22
Jolleys M.D.;  Coe H.;  McFiggans G.;  McMeeking G.R.;  Lee T.;  Kreidenweis S.M.;  Collett J.L.;  Jr.;  Sullivan A.P.
A study on the sensitivities of simulated aerosol optical properties to composition and size distribution using airborne measurements [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2014-01-01, 89
Esteve A;  R;  , Highwood E;  J;  , Morgan W;  T;  , Allen G;  , Coe H;  , Grainger R;  G;  , Brown P;  , Szpek K

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