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Vegetation demographics in Earth System Models: A review of progress and priorities [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2018-01-01, 24 (1
Fisher R.A.;  Koven C.D.;  Anderegg W.R.L.;  Christoffersen B.O.;  Dietze M.C.;  Farrior C.E.;  Holm J.A.;  Hurtt G.C.;  Knox R.G.;  Lawrence P.J.;  Lichstein J.W.;  Longo M.;  Matheny A.M.;  Medvigy D.;  Muller-Landau H.C.;  Powell T.L.;  Serbin S.P.;  Sato H.;  Shuman J.K.;  Smith B.;  Trugman A.T.;  Viskari T.;  Verbeeck H.;  Weng E.;  Xu C.;  Xu X.;  Zhang T.;  Moorcroft P.R.
Global climate change will increase the abundance of symbiotic nitrogen-fixing trees in much of North America [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2017-01-01,
Liao W.;  Menge D.N.L.;  Lichstein J.W.;  Ángeles-Pérez G.
Nitrogen-fixing tree abundance in higher-latitude North America is not constrained by diversity [期刊论文]
Ecology Letters, 2017-01-01, 20 (7
Menge D.N.L.;  Batterman S.A.;  Liao W.;  Taylor B.N.;  Lichstein J.W.;  Ángeles-Pérez G.
Dispersal limitation drives successional pathways in Central Siberian forests under current and intensified fire regimes [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2016-01-01, 22 (6
Tautenhahn S.;  Lichstein J.W.;  Jung M.;  Kattge J.;  Bohlman S.A.;  Heilmeier H.;  Prokushkin A.;  Kahl A.;  Wirth C.
Demographic controls of aboveground forest biomass across North America [期刊论文]
Ecology Letters, 2016-01-01, 19 (4
Vanderwel M.C.;  Zeng H.;  Caspersen J.P.;  Kunstler G.;  Lichstein J.W.
Thermal acclimation of leaf respiration of tropical trees and lianas: Response to experimental canopy warming, and consequences for tropical forest carbon balance [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2014-01-01, 20 (9
Slot M.;  Rey-Sánchez C.;  Gerber S.;  Lichstein J.W.;  Winter K.;  Kitajima K.