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A sea change in our view of overturning in the subpolar North Atlantic [期刊论文]
SCIENCE, 2019-01-01, 363 (6426) : 516-+
Lozier, M. S.;  Li, F.;  Bacon, S.;  Bahr, F.;  Bower, A. S.;  Cunningham, S. A.;  de Jong, M. F.;  de Steur, L.;  deYoung, B.;  Fischer, J.;  Gary, S. F.;  Greenan, B. J. W.;  Holliday, N. P.;  Houk, A.;  Houpert, L.;  Inall, M. E.;  Johns, W. E.;  Johnson, H. L.;  Johnson, C.;  Karstensen, J.;  Koman, G.;  Le Bras, I. A.;  Lin, X.;  Mackay, N.;  Marshall, D. P.;  Mercier, H.;  Oltmanns, M.;  Pickart, R. S.;  Ramsey, A. L.;  Rayner, D.;  Straneo, F.;  Thierry, V.;  Torres, D. J.;  Williams, R. G.;  Wilson, C.;  Yang, J.;  Yashayaev, I.;  Zhao, J.
Hillslope Hydrology in Global Change Research and Earth System Modeling [期刊论文]
WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH, 2019-01-01, 55 (2) : 1737-1772
Fan, Y.;  Clark, M.;  Lawrence, D. M.;  Swenson, S.;  Band, L. E.;  Brantley, S. L.;  Brooks, P. D.;  Dietrich, W. E.;  Flores, A.;  Grant, G.;  Kirchner, J. W.;  Mackay, D. S.;  McDonnell, J. J.;  Milly, P. C. D.;  Sullivan, P. L.;  Tague, C.;  Ajami, H.;  Chaney, N.;  Hartmann, A.;  Hazenberg, P.;  McNamara, J.;  Pelletier, J.;  Perket, J.;  Rouholahnejad-Freund, E.;  Wagener, T.;  Zeng, X.;  Beighley, E.;  Buzan, J.;  Huang, M.;  Livneh, B.;  Mohanty, B. P.;  Nijssen, B.;  Safeeq, M.;  Shen, C.;  van Verseveld, W.;  Volk, J.;  Yamazaki, D.
Dependence of Aspen Stands on a Subsurface Water Subsidy: Implications for Climate Change Impacts [期刊论文]
WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH, 2019-01-01, 55 (3) : 1833-1848
Love, D. M.;  Venturas, M. D.;  Sperry, J. S.;  Brooks, P. D.;  Pettit, J. L.;  Wang, Y.;  Anderegg, W. R. L.;  Tai, X.;  Mackay, D. S.
Addendum: Multi-scale predictions of massive conifer mortality due to chronic temperature rise [期刊论文]
Nature Climate Change, 2016-10-26, Volume:6) : Page:1048 (2016)
N. G. McDowell;  A. P. Williams;  C. Xu;  W. T. Pockman;  L. T. Dickman;  S. Sevanto;  R. Pangle;  J. Limousin;  J. Plaut;  D. S. Mackay;  J. Ogee;  J. C. Domec;  C. D. Allen;  R. A. Fisher;  X. Jiang;  J. D. Muss;  D. D. Breshears;  S. A. Rauscher;  C. Koven
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Multi-scale predictions of massive conifer mortality due to chronic temperature rise [期刊论文]
Nature Climate Change, 2015-12-21, Volume:6,Pages:295–300 (2016)
N. G. McDowell A. P. Williams C. Xu W. T. Pockman L. T. Dickman S. Sevanto R. Pangle J. Limousin J. Plaut D. S. Mackay J. Ogee J. C. Domec C. D. Allen R. A. Fisher X. Jiang J. D. Muss D. D. Breshears S. A. Rauscher C. Koven
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Long-range forecasts of UK winter hydrology [期刊论文]
Environmental Research Letters, 2015-01-01, 10 (6
C Svensson;  A Brookshaw;  A A Scaife;  V A Bell;  J D Mackay;  C R Jackson;  J Hannaford;  H N Davies;  A Arribas;  S Stanley
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Hydrological instability during the Last Interglacial in central Asia: A new diatom oxygen isotope record from Lake Baikal [期刊论文]
Quaternary Science Reviews, 2013-01-01, 66
Mackay A.W.;  Swann G.E.A.;  Fagel N.;  Fietz S.;  Leng M.J.;  Morley D.;  Rioual P.;  Tarasov P.