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Global vegetation biomass production efficiency constrained by models and observations [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2020-01-01, 26 (3
He Y.;  Peng S.;  Liu Y.;  Li X.;  Wang K.;  Ciais P.;  Arain M.A.;  Fang Y.;  Fisher J.B.;  Goll D.;  Hayes D.;  Huntzinger D.N.;  Ito A.;  Jain A.K.;  Janssens I.A.;  Mao J.;  Matteo C.;  Michalak A.M.;  Peng C.;  Peñuelas J.;  Poulter B.;  Qin D.;  Ricciuto D.M.;  Schaefer K.;  Schwalm C.R.;  Shi X.;  Tian H.;  Vicca S.;  Wei Y.;  Zeng N.;  Zhu Q.
Impact of Arctic amplification on declining spring dust events in East Asia [期刊论文]
Climate Dynamics, 2020-01-01, 54 (2020-03-04
Liu J.;  Wu D.;  Liu G.;  Mao R.;  Chen S.;  Ji M.;  Fu P.;  Sun Y.;  Pan X.;  Jin H.;  Zhou Y.;  Wang X.
The current configuration of the OSTIA system for operational production of foundation sea surface temperature and ice concentration analyses [期刊论文]
Remote Sensing, 2020-01-01, 12 (4
Good S.;  Fiedler E.;  Mao C.;  Martin M.J.;  Maycock A.;  Reid R.;  Roberts-Jones J.;  Searle T.;  Waters J.;  While J.;  Worsfold M.
Background concentrations of PMs in Xinjiang, West China: An estimation based on meteorological filter method and Eckhardt algorithm [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Research, 2019-01-01, 215
Wang Y.;  Zhang J.;  Bai Z.;  Yang W.;  Zhang H.;  Mao J.;  Sun Y.;  Ma Z.;  Xiao J.;  Gao S.;  Chen L.
Catalytic oxidation of diclofenac by hydroxylamine-enhanced Cu nanoparticles and the efficient neutral heterogeneous-homogeneous reactive copper cycle [期刊论文]
Water Research, 2019-01-01,
Xiang W.;  Zhou T.;  Wang Y.;  Huang M.;  Wu X.;  Mao J.;  Lu X.;  Zhang B.
Modeling capillary fringe effect on petroleum vapor intrusion from groundwater contamination [期刊论文]
Water Research, 2019-01-01,
Yao Y.;  Mao F.;  Xiao Y.;  Luo J.
Impact of cloud microphysical processes on the simulation of a hailstorm in East China [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Research, 2019-01-01, 219
Yin L.;  Ping F.;  Mao J.
Understanding the mechanisms of soil water repellency from nanoscale to ecosystem scale: a review [期刊论文]
JOURNAL OF SOILS AND SEDIMENTS, 2019-01-01, 19 (1) : 171-185
Mao, Jiefei;  Nierop, Klaas G. J.;  Dekker, Stefan C.;  Dekker, Louis W.;  Chen, Baoliang
Environmental landscape determinants of maximum forest canopy height of boreal forests [期刊论文]
JOURNAL OF PLANT ECOLOGY, 2019-01-01, 12 (1) : 96-102
Mao, Lingfeng;  Bater, Christopher W.;  Stadt, John J.;  White, Barry;  Tompalski, Piotr;  Coops, Nicholas C.;  Nielsen, Scott E.
The 2015 Chileno Valley glacial lake outburst flood, Patagonia [期刊论文]
GEOMORPHOLOGY, 2019-01-01, 332) : 51-65
Wilson, R.;  Harrison, S.;  Reynolds, J.;  Hubbard, A.;  Glasser, N. F.;  Wundrich, O.;  Anacona, P. Iribarren;  Mao, L.;  Shannon, S.

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