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Drier tropical forests are susceptible to functional changes in response to a long-term drought [期刊论文]
ECOLOGY LETTERS, 2019-01-01, 22 (5) : 855-865
Aguirre-Gutierrez, Jesus;  Oliveras, Imma;  Rifai, Sami;  Fauset, Sophie;  Adu-Bredu, Stephen;  Affum-Baffoe, Kofi;  Baker, Timothy R.;  Feldpausch, Ted R.;  Gvozdevaite, Agne;  Hubau, Wannes;  Kraft, Nathan J. B.;  Lewis, Simon L.;  Moore, Sam;  Niinemets, Ulo;  Peprah, Theresa;  Phillips, Oliver L.;  Zieminska, Kasia;  Enquist, Brian;  Malhi, Yadvinder
Temperature shapes opposing latitudinal gradients of plant taxonomic and phylogenetic beta diversity [期刊论文]
ECOLOGY LETTERS, 2019-01-01, 22 (7) : 1126-1135
McFadden, Ian R.;  Sandel, Brody;  Tsirogiannis, Constantinos;  Morueta-Holme, Naia;  Svenning, Jens-Christian;  Enquist, Brian J.;  Kraft, Nathan J. B.
Neighborhood effects explain increasing asynchronous seedling survival in a subtropical forest [期刊论文]
ECOLOGY, 2019-01-01,
Chen, Lei;  Wang, Yunquan;  Mi, Xiangcheng;  Liu, Xiaojuan;  Ren, Haibao;  Chen, Jianhua;  Ma, Keping;  Kraft, Nathan J. B.
Commercial Plant Production and Consumption Still Follow the Latitudinal Gradient in Species Diversity despite Economic Globalization [期刊论文]
PLOS ONE, 2016-01-01, 11 (10
Erik J. Nelson;  Matthew R. Helmus;  Jeannine Cavender-Bares;  Stephen Polasky;  Jesse R. Lasky;  Amy E. Zanne;  William D. Pearse;  Nathan J. B. Kraft;  Daniela A. Miteva;  William F. Fagan
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