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From Doing Better to Doing Enough: Anchoring Corporate Sustainability Targets in Science [研究报告]
Worldwatch Institute. 2016-10-01
Samantha Putt del Pino;  Cynthia Cummis;  Sarah Lake;  Paul Reig;  Kevin Rabinovitch
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Guide for Responsible Corporate Engagement in Climate Policy--The Case of Midwest Pulp and Paper Mills [研究报告]
World Resources Institute. 2013-01-01
Eliot Metzger;  Yamide Dagnet;  Samantha Putt del Pino;  Jennifer Morgan;  Lila Karbassi;  Heidi Huusko;  Fernando Castellanos Silveira;  Merlyn VanVoore;  Seraphine Haeussling;  Ben Watson;  Tom Carnac;  Alberto Carillo Pineda;  Lance Pierce;  Anne Kelly;  Jim Walker
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Adapting for a Green Economy-- Best Practices Guide to Collaborative Solar Procurement [研究报告]
World Resources Institute. 2011-01-01
Samantha Putt del Pino;  Eliot Metzger;  Sally Prowitt
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