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Assessment of Uncertainties in Scenario Simulations of Biogeochemical Cycles in the Baltic Sea [期刊论文]
Meier, H. E. Markus;  Edman, Moa;  Eilola, Kari;  Placke, Manja;  Neumann, Thomas;  Andersson, Helen C.;  Brunnabend, Sandra-Esther;  Dieterich, Christian;  Frauen, Claudia;  Friedland, Rene;  Groger, Matthias;  Gustafsson, Bo G.;  Gustafsson, Erik;  Isaev, Alexey;  Kniebusch, Madline;  Kuznetsov, Ivan;  Muller-Karulis, Barbel;  Naumann, Michael;  Omstedt, Anders;  Ryabchenko, Vladimir;  Saraiva, Sofia;  Savchuk, Oleg P.
Resource Efficiency in Practice – Closing Mineral Cycles----Final Report [研究报告]
Ecologic Institute, Germany. 2016-01-01
Sandra Naumann;  Elizabeth Dooley JD, LLM;  Evelyn Lukat;  Dr. Ana Frelih-Larsen;  Stephanie Wunder
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State of Nature in the EU----Results from reporting under the nature directives 2007–2012 [研究报告]
10.2800/60386Ecologic Institute, Germany. 2015-01-01
Andreas Graf;  Sandra Naumann;  McKenna Davis;  Holger Gerdes
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Ökosystembasierte Ansätze zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel und zum Klimaschutz im deutschsprachigen Raum [研究报告]
Ecologic Institute, Germany. 2015-01-01
Sandra Naumann;  McKenna Davis;  Brandon Goeller;  Albrecht Gradmann
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Evaluating 15 Years of Transport and Environmental Policy Integration----TERM 2015: Transport indicators tracking progress towards environmental targets in Europe [研究报告]
10.2800/214970Ecologic Institute, Germany. 2015-01-01
McKenna Davis;  Keighley McFarland;  Sandra Naumann
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Nature-based Solutions to Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation----The challenge of climate change - partnering with nature [研究报告]
Ecologic Institute, Germany. 2014-01-01
Sandra Naumann;  Timo Kaphengst;  Keighley McFarland
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Quality of Life, Wellbeing and Biodiversity----The Role of Biodiversity in Future Development [研究报告]
Ecologic Institute, Germany. 2014-01-01
Timo Kaphengst;  McKenna Davis;  Christiane Gerstetter;  Katharina Klaas;  Katriona McGlade;  Sandra Naumann
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Mainstreaming Climate Change into Rural Development Policy post 2013 [研究报告]
10.2834/85735Ecologic Institute, Germany. 2014-01-01
Dr. Ana Frelih-Larsen;  Elizabeth Dooley JD, LLM;  Sandra Naumann
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The Value of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in the EU's Outermost Regions and Overseas Countries and Territories [研究报告]
Ecologic Institute, Germany. 2014-01-01
Holger Gerdes;  Zoritza Kiresiewa;  Dr. Manuel Lago;  Sandra Naumann;  Michael Schock
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Data Availability at Farm Level for Farms Across EU-27----Report by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) [研究报告]
Ecologic Institute, Germany. 2013-01-01
Dr. Ana Frelih-Larsen;  Sandra Naumann
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