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China's Cyber Sovereignty [研究报告]
NUPI. 2017-01-01
Schia, Niels Nagelhus;  Gjesvik, Lars
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Being Peacekept? The Implicit Assumptions that Hamper the Protection of Civilians [研究报告]
Norsk Utenrikspolitisk Institutt. 2016-01-01
de Carvalho, Benjamin;  Schia, Niels Nagelhus
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Cyber Security as Development Assistance - Growth and Vulnerability [研究报告]
NUPI. 2016-01-01
Schia, Niels Nagelhus;  Strand, Siri
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Teach a person how to surf: Cyber security as development assistance [研究报告]
Schia, Niels Nagelhus
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United Nations Peace Operations: Aligning Principles and Practice [研究报告]
Peter, Mateja;  Bøås, Morten;  Schia, Niels Nagelhus;  Strazzari, Francesco;  Karlsrud, John;  Muller, Lilly Pijnenburg;  De Coning, Cedric;  Lie, Jon Harald Sande;  de Carvalho, Benjamin;  Stamnes, Eli;  Gjelsvik, Ingvild Magnæs;  Osland, Kari M.;  Solhjell, Randi;  Troost, Paul
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What people think does matter: Understanding and integrating local perceptions into UN peacekeeping [研究报告]
Schia, Niels Nagelhus;  Gjelsvik, Ingvild Magnæs;  Karlsrud, John
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Turning UNSC Resolution 1325 into operational practice: A cross-country study on implementing Resolution 1325 in peacekeeping and military operations [研究报告]
NUPI. 2012-01-01
Solhjell, Randi;  Donadio, Marcela;  Adrian-Paul, Ancil;  Schia, Niels Nagelhus;  Rial, Juan;  Giannini, Renata
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Contextualizing peacebuilding activities to local circumstances: Liberian case-study field report [研究报告]
NUPI. 2012-01-01
Neumann, Hannah;  Schia, Niels Nagelhus
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Contextualizing peacebuilding activities to local circumstances: Local-level peacebuilding in South Sudan, Liberia and Haiti [研究报告]
NUPI. 2012-01-01
Schia, Niels Nagelhus;  Karlsrud, John
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Contextualizing peacebuilding activities to local circumstances – Liberian case-study [研究报告]
NUPI. 2012-01-01
Schia, Niels Nagelhus;  Naumann, Hannah
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