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Short duration of Early Permian Qiangtang-Panjal large igneous province: Implications for origin of the Neo-Tethys Ocean [期刊论文]
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2021-01-01, 568
Dan W.;  Wang Q.;  Murphy J.B.;  Zhang X.-Z.;  Xu Y.-G.;  White W.M.;  Jiang Z.-Q.;  Ou Q.;  Hao L.-L.;  Qi Y.
Investigation of Charon's Craters With Abrupt Terminus Ejecta, Comparisons With Other Icy Bodies, and Formation Implications [期刊论文]
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 2018-01-01, 123 (1
Robbins S.J.;  Runyon K.;  Singer K.N.;  Bray V.J.;  Beyer R.A.;  Schenk P.;  McKinnon W.B.;  Grundy W.M.;  Nimmo F.;  Moore J.M.;  Spencer J.R.;  White O.L.;  Binzel R.P.;  Buie M.W.;  Buratti B.J.;  Cheng A.F.;  Linscott I.R.;  Reitsema H.J.;  Reuter D.C.;  Showalter M.R.;  Tyler G.L.;  Young L.A.;  Olkin C.B.;  Ennico K.S.;  Weaver H.A.;  Stern S.A.
Climate system response to external forcings and climate change projections in CCSM4 [期刊论文]
Journal of Climate, 2012-01-01, 25 (11
Meehl G.A.;  Washington W.M.;  Arblaster J.M.;  Hu A.;  Teng H.;  Tebaldi C.;  Sanderson B.N.;  Lamarque J.-F.;  Conley A.;  Strand W.G.;  White J.B.