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Low Carbon Urban Infrastructure Investment in Asian Cities [专著]
:Palgrave Macmillan, 2016-01-01
Joni Jupesta;  Takako WAKIYAMA
Mobility :A New Urban Design and Transport Planning Philosophy for a Sustainable Future [专著]
:Straw Barnes Press, 2015-01-01
J. Whitelegg
Enhancing the Climate Resilience of Africa's Infrastructure : The Power and Water Sectors [专著]
Washington, DC:The World Bank, 2015-01-01
Cervigni, R.;  R. Liden;  J.E. Neumann;  K.M. Strzepek eds.
Greening Integration in Asia: How Regional Integration Can Benefit People and the Environment [专著]
:Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, 2015-01-01
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
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The Paris Climate Agreement and Beyond: Linking Short-term Climate Actions to Long-term Goals [专著]
:Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, 2015-01-01
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
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Mapping and Assessment of forest Ecosystem and Their Services. Applications and guidance for decision making in the framework of MAES [专著]
Ispra, Italy:Joint Research Centre, The European Commission, 2015-01-01
Barredo, J.I.;  Bastrup-Birk, A.;  Teller, A.;  Onaindia, M.;  de Manuel, B.F.;  Madariaga, I.;  Rodríguez-Loinaz, G.;  Pinho, P.;  Nunes, A.;  Ramos, A.;  Batista, M.;  Mimo, S.;  Cordovil, C.;  Branquinho, C.;  Grêt-Regamey, A.;  Bebi, P.;  Brunner, S.H.;  Weibel, B.;  Kopperoinen, L.;  Itkonen, P.;  Viinikka, A.;  Chirici, G.;  Bottalico, F.;  Pesola, L.;  Vizzarri, M.;  Garfi, V.;  Antonello, L.;  Barbati, A.;  Corona, P.;  Cullota, S.;  Giannico, V.;  Lafortezza, R.;  Lombardi, F.;  Marchetti, M.;  Nocentini, S.;  Riccioli, F.;  Travaglini, D.;  Sallustio, L.;  Rosário, I.;  von Essen, M.;  Nicholas, K.A.;  Máguas, C.;  Rebelo, R.;  Santos-Reis, M.;  Santos-Martín, F.;  Zorrilla-Miras, P.;  Montes, C.;  Benayas, J.;  Martín-López, B.;  Snäll, T.;  Berglund, H.;  Bengtsson, J.;  Moen, J.;  Busetto, L.;  San-Miguel-Ayanz, J.;  Thurner, M.;  Beer, C.;  Santoro, M.;  Carvalhais, N.;  Wutzler, T.;  Schepaschenko, D.;  Shvidenko, A.;  Kompter, E.;  Ahrens, B.;  Levick, S.R.;  Schmullius, C.
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Water Resilience for Human Prosperity [专著]
:Cambridge University Press, 2014-01-01
Rockström,J.;  Falkenmark, M.;  Folke, C.;  Lannerstad, M.;  Barron, J.;  Enfors, E.;  Gordon, L.;  Heinke,J.;  Hoff, H.;  Pahl-Wostl, C.
The Fragmentation of Global Climate Governance: Consequences and Management of Regime Interactions [专著]
Cheltenham, UK:Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014-01-01
van Asselt, H.
Nitrogen Deposition, Critical Loads and Biodiversity [专著]
:Springer, 2014-01-01
Sutton, M.A.;  K.E. Mason;  L.J. Sheppard;  H. Sverdrup;  R. Haeuber;  W.K. Hicks eds.
Media and the Politics of Arctic Climate Change: When the Ice Breaks [专著]
New York:Palgrave Macmillan, 2013-01-01
Christensen, M.;  A.E. Nilsson;  N. Wormbs eds.

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