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CSCD ID: CSCD:6097066
Alternative Title: A Remote Sensing Study of Atmospheric Aerosols Based on Joint Observation of Supersite Instruments
Author: 李正强1; 李东辉1; 张莹1; 吕阳1; 谢一凇1; 李凯涛1; 李莉1; 许华1; 伽丽丽1; 张元勋2
Source Publication: 中国环境监测
ISSN: 1002-6002
Publishing Year: 2017
Volume: 33, Issue:5, Pages:462-466
Language: 中文
keyword in Chinese: 气溶胶 ; 超级站 ; 遥感观测 ; 气溶胶成分
Keyword: PM_(2.5) ; aerosol ; supersite ; remote sensing measurement ; PM_(2.5) ; aerosol composition
WOS Research Area: Environmental Sciences & Ecology
Abstract: 大气气溶胶在气候变化、大气环境和人体健康等多个方面产生重要影响。遥感是获得气溶胶时空分布信息的重要手段,并且具有非破坏性、观测瞬时性、可获取整层大气信息等特点,因此在环保、气象等行业得到越来越多的应用。研究介绍了由多种监测仪器构成的中国科学院(北京)大气气溶胶遥感研究超级站的仪器配置、观测指标和相关研究方向,并阐述了其在4方面的具体应用:①针对沙尘、灰霾等典型过程的多仪器遥感联合观测;②将光学遥感拓展到气溶胶成分信息等前沿应用;③遥感获得近地面PM_(2.5)等环境关键参数的方法;④主被动结合的大气颗粒物垂直分布特性研究。通过超级站多仪器联合观测,可加强对大气气溶胶的全方位观测和分析,为环境研究提供综合数据支撑。
English Abstract: Atmospheric aerosol plays key roles in the climate change,atmospheric environment and human health. Remote sensing is an important approach to obtain information of temporal and spatial distribution of aerosols. Due to its non-destructive, instantaneous,entire atmosphere monitoring capacity,aerosol remote sensing has been applied in many fields,like environmental protection and meteorology. This paper introduces the equipment,observation parameters and related studies of the atmospheric aerosol remote sensing study supersite (Beijing) of Chinese Academy of Sciences and illustrate typical applications in four areas. ① Comprehensive remote sensing observation focusing on dust and fog-haze pollution cases. ② Extension of optical remote sensing to research frontiers,like aerosol chemical composition estimation. ③ Methods for obtaining key environmental parameters,e. g. PM_(2.5) near the surface. ④ Joint active and passive remote sensing of vertical distribution characteristics of atmospheric particulate matters. The combination of multiple instruments of aerosol remote sensing supersite can reinforce the comprehensive observation and analysis of atmospheric aerosols,providing a synthesized data support for environmental studies.
Document Type: 期刊论文
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Affiliation: 1.中国科学院遥感与数字地球研究所, 国家环境保护卫星遥感重点实验室, 北京 100101, 中国
2.中国科学院大学, 北京 100049, 中国

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李正强,李东辉,张莹,等. 基于超级站多仪器联合观测的大气气溶胶遥感研究[J]. 中国环境监测,2017-01-01,33(5):462-466
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