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Alternative Title: Discussion on the characteristics and treatment principle of diseases caused by haze from the perspective of epidemic disease
Author: 胡李慧1; 兰智慧2; 朱伟3; 张元兵2; 刘良徛2
Source Publication: 中华中医药杂志
ISSN: 1673-1727
Publishing Year: 2017
Volume: 32, Issue:9, Pages:485-496
Language: 中文
keyword in Chinese: 雾霾 ; 疫病 ; 扶正祛邪
Keyword: Haze ; Epidemic disease ; Strengthening body resistance and eliminating evil
WOS Research Area: General & Internal Medicine
Abstract: 随着雾霾天气的增多,医学界对雾霾的认识也日益深入。我们通过临床及文献查阅发现,雾霾致病与疫病的某些特性极其相似。雾霾同疫气一样,属外感邪气范畴,其本质为湿浊邪毒,两者均具湿、毒之属性。由于我国冬春季节大部分地区空气干燥,因此雾霾又常夹杂燥邪,形成雾霾湿、燥、毒三邪共同作用侵犯人体而发病的特点,其发病机制与气候变化及社会因素密切相关。雾霾与疫病最本质的区别在于是否具有传染性。针对雾霾致病特点,我们提出扶正祛邪乃治疗之根本大法,并总结出一系列方药。本文试从疫病角度出发,探索雾霾发病的特点以及治疗原则,以期为临床提供借鉴。
English Abstract: With the increase of the haze weather, the medical community has become increasingly deep understanding of haze. We found through clinical practice and literature review that some characteristics between haze and epidemic disease are similar. Haze is the same as pestilential pathogen which belongs to the category of exopathy that the essence is dampness toxin. They all have damp and toxic properties. Because of air is dry in most areas of China in winter and spring, the haze is often mixed with dryness to form the characteristics of dampness, dryness and toxin that together attack the human body. Its pathogenesis is closely related to climatic change and social factors. The essential difference between haze and epidemic disease is whether it has infectivity. For the characteristics of the diseases caused by haze, we put forward the fundamental method of treatment was strengthening body resistance and eliminating evil and summed up a series of prescriptions. This article will be try to explore the characteristics and treatment principles of the diseases caused by haze from epidemic disease and expect to provide references for clinical application.
Document Type: 期刊论文
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Affiliation: 1.南昌市中西医结合医院呼吸科, 南昌, 江西 330006, 中国
2.江西中医药大学附属医院肺病科, 南昌, 江西 330006, 中国
3.广州中医药大学第二临床医学院, 广州, 广东 510006, 中国

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胡李慧,兰智慧,朱伟,等. 从疫病角度浅谈雾霾致病的特点及其治疗原则[J]. 中华中医药杂志,2017-01-01,32(9):485-496
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