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DOI: 10.1016/j.margeo.2020.106134
Numerical simulation of mid-Holocene tidal regime and storm-tide inundation in the south Yangtze coastal plain, East China
Author: Wang S.; Ge J.; Kilbourne K.H.; Wang Z.
Source Publication: Marine Geology
ISSN: 253227
Publishing Year: 2020
Volume: 423
Language: 英语
Keyword: Coastal flooding ; Neolithic Liangzhu Culture ; Paleo-topographic change ; Sea-level rise ; Tidal amplification
Scopus Keyword: Hurricanes ; Sea level ; Storms ; Tides ; Topography ; Changjiang Estuary ; Coastal flooding ; Hydrodynamic model ; Relative sea level rise ; Sea level rise ; Sedimentary layers ; Topographic changes ; Transgressive deposits ; Floods ; coastal plain ; database ; extreme event ; Holocene ; Neolithic ; numerical model ; paleotopography ; sea level change ; simulation ; tidal range ; transgression ; typhoon ; China ; Hangzhou Bay ; Liangzhu ; Ningbo ; Yangtze Estuary ; Zhejiang
English Abstract: Coastal flooding is reported as one of the major causes for the interruptions of Neolithic cultures inhabiting the south Yangtze coastal plain, China during the middle Holocene. The archaeologically sterile transgressive sedimentary layers could be the results of extreme events or relative sea-level rise induced by the enlargement of the local tidal range or global/regional sea-level rise. To clarify the mechanism of the transgressive deposits at typical Neolithic sites and the termination of Neolithic Liangzhu Culture in the south Yangtze coastal plain, this study reconstructed the paleo-topography at 7.6, 6.4 and 4.5 cal ka BP on the basis of a database including 107 sediment cores and 644 radiocarbon ages and simulated the paleo-tidal regimes and the inundation areas induced by typhoon events under the paleo-topography and sea levels using a hydrodynamic model of high-resolution Changjiang Estuary Finite-Volume Community Ocean Model (CE-FVCOM). The simulation results of tidal regimes showed that the tidal amplitude increased from 1.6 m to 2.2 m in the head of Hangzhou Bay induced by the paleo-topographic change during the period 7.6–4.5 cal ka BP. By contrast, it reduced from 1.6 m to 1.0–1.2 m in the Ningbo Plain, southeast of the bay, which was unable to explain the long-lasting marine inundation there and supported our previous assumption of an event of abrupt sea-level rise at 4.5–4.4 cal ka BP. Simulation of the storm-induced inundation further suggested that coastal flooding mainly occurred along the coastline of the Taihu Plain under the combined effect of tidal amplification and typhoon events at 4.5 cal ka BP, while the inundation almost covered half of the Taihu Plain if all factors including tidal amplification, extreme event and the abrupt sea-level rise were considered. We therefore suggest that the obvious increase in flood risk under the backdrop of sea-level rise was a major cause for the abandonment of the Liangzhu Culture in the south Yangtze coastal plain at around 4.4 cal ka BP. © 2020 Elsevier B.V.
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Affiliation: State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research, East China Normal University, Shanghai, 200241, China; Institute of Urban development, East China Normal University, Shanghai, 200062, China; Department of Natural Sciences, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, MD 21853, United States; Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, University of Maryland, Box 38, SolomonsMD 20688, United States; Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Laboratory (Zhuhai), Zhuhai, 519080, China

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Wang S.,Ge J.,Kilbourne K.H.,et al. Numerical simulation of mid-Holocene tidal regime and storm-tide inundation in the south Yangtze coastal plain, East China[J]. Marine Geology,2020-01-01,423
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