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DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2021.117012
North China block underwent simultaneous true polar wander and tectonic convergence in late Jurassic: New paleomagnetic constraints
Author: Gao Y.; Zhang S.; Zhao H.; Ren Q.; Yang T.; Wu H.; Li H.
Source Publication: Earth and Planetary Science Letters
ISSN: 0012821X
Publishing Year: 2021
Volume: 567
Language: 英语
keyword in Chinese: Middle and Late Jurassic ; Mongol–Okhotsk ocean ; north China block ; paleomagnetism ; true polar wander
Keyword: Geochronology ; Tectonics ; Volcanic rocks ; Eurasia ; Jurassic ; Late Jurassic ; Middle Jurassic ; Mongol–okhotsk ocean ; North China blocks ; Okhotsk ; SIBERIA ; True Polar Wander ; Volcanics ; Geomagnetism ; apparent polar wander path ; conglomerate ; Jurassic ; magnetic reversal ; paleoceanography ; paleolatitude ; paleomagnetism ; polar wandering ; tectonic setting ; uranium-lead dating ; China ; Mongol-Okhotsk Fold Belt ; North China Block
English Abstract: Jurassic witnessed two synchronous events on the Earth, named true polar wander (TPW) and closure of the Mongol–Okhotsk ocean (MOO) between Siberia and eastern Asian blocks. The paleogeographic change of the north China block (NCB) should thus include both TPW and plate tectonic components in Jurassic. We performed a new combined paleomagnetic and U–Pb geochronological study for Middle and Late Jurassic volcanic rocks from the northern NCB and obtained three new well-dated paleopoles: 82.7°N, 282.6°E, A95=3.2° (ca. 160 Ma); 84.1°N, 228.9°E, A95=6.6° (ca. 165 Ma); and 89.3°N, 216.8°E, dp/dm = 5.4°/7.1° (ca. 170 Ma). A positive untilting test indicates a pre-folding origin interpretation for the ca. 160 Ma pole. Quality of these poles is enforced by three positive conglomerate tests, the presence of magnetic reversals and secular variation analyses. Comparison of the apparent polar wander paths of Eurasia and the NCB suggests that the NCB accreted to Eurasia around 140 Ma. The NCB and its then connected blocks did not undergo any significant southward paleogeographic shift during Jurassic. In context of TPW, we estimate a net northward plate moving velocity at 0.50–0.75°/myr for the NCB in Jurassic. The long-term accumulation of MOO subducted slabs at the high paleolatitudes may have critically contributed to, or perhaps led to, the Jurassic TPW. © 2021 Elsevier B.V.
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Affiliation: State Key Laboratory of Biogeology and Environmental Geology, China University of Geosciences, Beijing, 100083, China

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Gao Y.,Zhang S.,Zhao H.,et al. North China block underwent simultaneous true polar wander and tectonic convergence in late Jurassic: New paleomagnetic constraints[J]. Earth and Planetary Science Letters,2021-01-01,567
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