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Land-use change effects on protozoic silicon pools in the Dajiuhu National Wetland Park, China [期刊论文]
Geoderma, 2020-01-01, 368
Qin Y.;  Puppe D.;  Payne R.;  Li L.;  Li J.;  Zhang Z.;  Xie S.
Nitrous oxide fluxes of a boreal abandoned pasture do not significantly differ from an adjacent natural bog despite distinct environmental conditions [期刊论文]
Science of the Total Environment, 2020-01-01, 714
Vogt J.;  Wu J.;  Altdorff D.;  Ba Le T.;  Gong Y.
Stability of the permafrost peatlands carbon pool under climate change and wildfires during the last 150 years in the northern Great Khingan Mountains, China [期刊论文]
Science of the Total Environment, 2020-01-01, 712
Cong J.;  Gao C.;  Han D.;  Li Y.;  Wang G.
Ecosystem scale evapotranspiration and CO2 exchange in burned and unburned peatlands: Implications for the ecohydrological resilience of carbon stocks to wildfire [期刊论文]
Ecohydrology, 2020-01-01, 13 (2
Morison M.Q.;  Petrone R.M.;  Wilkinson S.L.;  Green A.;  Waddington J.M.
Water management for agriculture development in peatlands [期刊论文]
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 2020-01-01, 437 (1
Budi Triadi L.
A new methodology for organic soils in national greenhouse gas inventories: Data synthesis, derivation and application [期刊论文]
Ecological Indicators, 2020-01-01, 109
Tiemeyer B.;  Freibauer A.;  Borraz E.A.;  Augustin J.;  Bechtold M.;  Beetz S.;  Beyer C.;  Ebli M.;  Eickenscheidt T.;  Fiedler S.;  Förster C.;  Gensior A.;  Giebels M.;  Glatzel S.;  Heinichen J.;  Hoffmann M.;  Höper H.;  Jurasinski G.;  Laggner A.;  Leiber-Sauheitl K.;  Peichl-Brak M.;  Drösler M.
Responses of vegetation and testate amoeba trait composition to fire disturbances in and around a bog in central European lowlands (northern Poland) [期刊论文]
Quaternary Science Reviews, 2019-01-01, 208
Marcisz K.;  Lamentowicz M.;  Gałka M.;  Colombaroli D.;  Adolf C.;  Tinner W.
Range change evolution of peat mosses (Sphagnum) within and between climate zones [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2019-01-01, 25 (1
Shaw A.J.;  Carter B.E.;  Aguero B.;  da Costa D.P.;  Crowl A.A.
The response of boreal peatland community composition and NDVI to hydrologic change, warming, and elevated carbon dioxide [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2019-01-01, 25 (1
McPartland M.Y.;  Kane E.S.;  Falkowski M.J.;  Kolka R.;  Turetsky M.R.;  Palik B.;  Montgomery R.A.
Effects of peat decomposition on delta C-13 and delta N-15 depth profiles of Alpine bogs [期刊论文]
CATENA, 2019-01-01, 178) : 1-10
Drollinger, Simon;  Kuzyakov, Yakov;  Glatzel, Stephan

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