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Alternative Title: Dynamic of carbon footprint and its composition for wheat production based on life cycle assessment from 2004 to 2013 in Shanxi Province
Author: 薛建福1; 李慧2; 高志强2; 张海林3; 杜天庆2
Source Publication: 中国农业大学学报
ISSN: 1007-4333
Publishing Year: 2017
Volume: 22, Issue:10, Pages:467-478
Language: 中文
keyword in Chinese: 气候变化 ; 碳足迹 ; 小麦 ; 收益 ; 山西
Keyword: climate change ; carbon footprint ; wheat ; profit ; Shanxi
WOS Research Area: Agriculture
Abstract: 基于《全国农产品成本收益资料汇编》以及收集的相关参数数据,采用生命周期评价法分析20042013年山西省小麦生产中不同功能单位的碳足迹变化动态并解析其构成,以期为山西省小麦的低碳清洁化生产与气候变化的缓解提供一定的理论依据。结果表明:山西省小麦生产的温室气体排放从2004年的3 798.5 kg/hm~2 (C0_2-eq)增加到2013年的4 650.5 kg/hm~2 (CO_2-eq),年均增加74.9 kg/hm~2 (CO_2-eq);肥料应用(尤其是氮肥和复合肥)、土壤N20以及机械操作的能源消耗是其主要构成,占总排放的90%以上。山西省小麦的产量碳足迹总体上变化不大,而产值碳足迹、成本碳足迹以及净利润碳足迹均表现为逐渐降低的趋势,其中成本碳足迹达到显著水平。考虑土壤有机碳储量变化后,不同功能单位的小麦碳足迹均大幅度降低。综上所述,合理施肥、加强机械一体化推广以及增加土壤固碳是降低山西省小麦碳足迹的主要途径。
English Abstract: Based on the National Cost-Benefit Survey for agricultural product from 2004 to 2013 in China,the dynamic of carbon footprint and its composition for wheat production based on different functional units in the study were assessed to provide theoretical basis for a low-carbon and cleaner wheat production and climate change mitigation in Shanxi province. The results showed that GHG emissions in the wheat production process in Shanxi province increased from 3 798.5 kg/hm~2 (C0_2-eq) in 2004 to 4 650.5 kg/hm~2 (CO_2-eq) in 2013,with an increasing rate of 74.9 kg/hm~2 (CO_2-eq) each year. Fertilizers application,soil N_2O,and energy consumption from mechanical operation accounted for >90% of the total GHG emissions in whole wheat production. Carbon footprint at yield-scale for wheat production was observed with a subtle change trend, however,which at production value-scale,cost-scale,and net-income-scale decreased gradually since 2004. Carbon footprint of wheat based on different functional units decreased markedly when change in soil organic carbon stock was taken into account. Overall,the rational fertilizer management,the promotion of multi-functional machinery,and the enhancement of soil organic carbon sequestration could be some potential solutions to reduce carbon footprint of wheat in Shanxi province.
Document Type: 期刊论文
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Affiliation: 1.山西农业大学农学院, 农业部农作制度重点开放实验室, 太谷, 山西 030801, 中国
2.山西农业大学农学院, 太谷, 山西 030801, 中国
3.中国农业大学农学院, 农业部农作制度重点开放实验室, 北京 100193, 中国

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薛建福,李慧,高志强,等. 基于生命周期法评价山西省20042013年小麦碳足迹动态及其构成解析[J]. 中国农业大学学报,2017-01-01,22(10):467-478
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