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Maternal genetic structure in ancient Shandong between 9500 and 1800 years ago [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01, 66 (11
Liu J.;  Zeng W.;  Sun B.;  Mao X.;  Zhao Y.;  Wang F.;  Li Z.;  Luan F.;  Guo J.;  Zhu C.;  Wang Z.;  Wei C.;  Zhang M.;  Cao P.;  Liu F.;  Dai Q.;  Feng X.;  Yang R.;  Hou W.;  Ping W.;  Wu X.;  Andrew Bennett E.;  Liu Y.;  Fu Q.
Ancient genomes from present-day France unveil 7;000 years of its demographic history [期刊论文]
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2020-01-01, 117 (23
Brunel S.;  Andrew Bennett E.;  Cardin L.;  Garraud D.;  Emam H.B.;  Beylier A.;  Boulestin B.;  Chenal F.;  Ciesielski E.;  Convertini F.;  Dedet B.;  Desbrosse-Degobertiere S.;  Desenne S.;  Dubouloz J.;  Duday H.;  Escalon G.;  Fabre V.;  Gailledrat E.;  Gandelin M.;  Gleize Y.;  Goepfert S.;  Guilaine J.;  Hachem L.;  Ilett M.;  Lambach F.;  Maziere F.;  Perrin B.;  Plouin S.;  Pinard E.;  Praud I.;  Richard I.;  Riquier V.;  Roure R.;  Sendra B.;  Thevenet C.;  Thiol S.;  Vauquelin E.;  Vergnaud L.;  Grange T.;  Geigl E.-M.;  Pruvost M.
A New High-Throughput Approach to Genotype Ancient Human Gastrointestinal Parasites [期刊论文]
PLOS ONE, 2016-01-01, 11 (1
Nathalie M. L. Côté;  Julien Daligault;  Mélanie Pruvost;  E. Andrew Bennett;  Olivier Gorgé;  Silvia Guimaraes;  Nicolas Capelli;  Matthieu Le Bailly;  Eva-Maria Geigl;  Thierry Grange
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Strong and nonlinear effects of fragmentation on ecosystem service provision at multiple scales [期刊论文]
Environmental Research Letters, 2015-01-01, 10 (9
Matthew G E Mitchell;  Elena M Bennett;  Andrew Gonzalez
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