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Tamm Review: Reforestation for resilience in dry western US forests [期刊论文]
FOREST ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT, 2019-01-01, 432) : 209-224
North, Malcolm P.;  Stevens, Jens T.;  Greene, David F.;  Coppoletta, Michelle;  Knapp, Eric E.;  Latimer, Andrew M.;  Restaino, Christina M.;  Tompkins, Ryan E.;  Welch, Kevin R.;  York, Rob A.;  Young, Derek J. N.;  Axelson, Jodi N.;  Buckley, Tom N.;  Estes, Becky L.;  Hager, Rachel N.;  Long, Jonathan W.;  Meyer, Marc D.;  Ostoja, Steven M.;  Safford, Hugh D.;  Shive, Kristen L.;  Tubbesing, Carmen L.;  Vice, Heather;  Walsh, Dana;  Werner, Chhaya M.;  Wyrsch, Peter
Post-fire forest regeneration shows limited climate tracking and potential for drought-induced type conversion [期刊论文]
ECOLOGY, 2019-01-01, 100 (2
Young, Derek J. N.;  Werner, Chhaya M.;  Welch, Kevin R.;  Young, Truman P.;  Safford, Hugh D.;  Latimer, Andrew M.
Climate, Environment, and Disturbance History Govern Resilience of Western North American Forests [期刊论文]
Hessburg, Paul F.;  Miller, Carol L.;  Parks, Sean A.;  Povak, Nicholas A.;  Taylor, Alan H.;  Higuera, Philip E.;  Prichard, Susan J.;  North, Malcolm P.;  Collins, Brandon M.;  Hurteau, Matthew D.;  Larson, Andrew J.;  Allen, Craig D.;  Stephens, Scott L.;  Rivera-Huerta, Hiram;  Stevens-Rumann, Camille S.;  Daniels, Lori D.;  Gedalof, Ze';  ev;  Gray, Robert W.;  Kane, Van R.;  Churchill, Derek J.;  Hagmann, R. Keala;  Spies, Thomas A.;  Cansler, C. Alina;  Belote, R. Travis;  Veblen, Thomas T.;  Battaglia, Mike A.;  Hoffman, Chad;  Skinner, Carl N.;  Safford, Hugh D.;  Salter, R. Brion
Sierra Nevada summary report. California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment [研究报告]
California Energy Commission/Natural Resoources Agency. 2018-01-01
Dettinger, Michael D.;  Alpert, Holly;  Battles, John J.;  Kusel, Jonathan;  Safford, Hugh;  Fougeres, Dorian;  Knight, Clarke;  Miller, Lauren;  Sawyer, Sarah
Average Stand Age from Forest Inventory Plots Does Not Describe Historical Fire Regimes in Ponderosa Pine and Mixed-Conifer Forests of Western North America [期刊论文]
PLOS ONE, 2016-01-01, 11 (5
Jens T. Stevens;  Hugh D. Safford;  Malcolm P. North;  Jeremy S. Fried;  Andrew N. Gray;  Peter M. Brown;  Christopher R. Dolanc;  Solomon Z. Dobrowski;  Donald A. Falk;  Calvin A. Farris;  Jerry F. Franklin;  Peter Z. Fulé;  R. Keala Hagmann;  Eric E. Knapp;  Jay D. Miller;  Douglas F. Smith;  Thomas W. Swetnam;  Alan H. Taylor
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