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Modeling composite effects of marine and freshwater processes on migratory species [期刊论文]
ECOSPHERE, 2019-01-01, 10 (7
Friedman, Whitney R.;  Martin, Benjamin T.;  Wells, Brian K.;  Warzybok, Pete;  Michel, Cyril J.;  Danner, Eric M.;  Lindley, Steven T.
Climate vulnerability assessment for Pacific salmon and steelhead in the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem [期刊论文]
PLOS ONE, 2019-01-01, 14 (7
Crozier, Lisa G.;  McClure, Michelle M.;  Beechie, Tim;  Bograd, Steven J.;  Boughton, David A.;  Carr, Mark;  Cooney, Thomas D.;  Dunham, Jason B.;  Greene, Correigh M.;  Haltuch, Melissa A.;  Hazen, Elliott L.;  Holzer, Damon M.;  Huff, David D.;  Johnson, Rachel C.;  Jordan, Chris E.;  Kaplan, Isaac C.;  Lindley, Steven T.;  Mantua, Nathan J.;  Moyle, Peter B.;  Myers, James M.;  Nelson, Mark W.;  Spence, Brian C.;  Weitkamp, Laurie A.;  Williams, Thomas H.;  Willis-Norton, Ellen