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Sea level changes and vertical land motion from altimetry and tide gauges in the Southern Levantine Basin [期刊论文]
JOURNAL OF GEODYNAMICS, 2019-01-01, 128) : 1-10
Mohamed, Bayoumy;  Mohamed, Abdallah;  El-Din, Khaled Alam;  Nagy, Hazem;  Elsherbiny, Ahmed
Climate Change Influences on the Global Potential Distribution of the Mosquito Culex quinquefasciatus, Vector of West Nile Virus and Lymphatic Filariasis [期刊论文]
PLOS ONE, 2016-01-01, 11 (10
Abdallah M. Samy;  Arwa H. Elaagip;  Mohamed A. Kenawy;  Constância F. J. Ayres;  A. Townsend Peterson;  Doaa E. Soliman
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Seasonal Variation in Biting Rates of Simulium damnosum sensu lato, Vector of Onchocerca volvulus, in Two Sudanese Foci [期刊论文]
PLOS ONE, 2016-01-01, 11 (3
Isam M. A. Zarroug;  Kamal Hashim;  Arwa H. Elaagip;  Abdallah M. Samy;  Ehab A. Frah;  Wigdan A. ElMubarak;  Hanan A. Mohamed;  Tong Chor M. Deran;  Nabil Aziz;  Tarig B. Higazi
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