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A compilation of global bio-optical in situ data for ocean-colour satellite applications - version two [期刊论文]
EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCE DATA, 2019-01-01, 11 (3) : 1037-1068
Valente, Andre;  Sathyendranath, Shubha;  Brotas, Vanda;  Groom, Steve;  Grant, Michael;  Taberner, Malcolm;  Antoine, David;  Arnone, Robert;  Balch, William M.;  Barker, Kathryn;  Barlow, Ray;  Belanger, Simon;  Berthon, Jean-Francois;  Besiktepe, Suikru;  Borsheim, Yngve;  Bracher, Astrid;  Brando, Vittorio;  Canuti, Elisabetta;  Chavez, Francisco;  Cianca, Andres;  Claustre, Herve;  Clementson, Lesley;  Crout, Richard;  Frouin, Robert;  Garcia-Soto, Carlos;  Gibb, Stuart W.;  Gould, Richard;  Hooker, Stanford B.;  Kahru, Mati;  Kampel, Milton;  Klein, Holger;  Kratzer, Susanne;  Kudela, Raphael;  Ledesma, Jesus;  Loisel, Hubert;  Matrai, Patricia;  McKee, David;  Mitchell, Brian G.;  Moisan, Tiffany;  Muller-Karger, Frank;  O';  Dowd, Leonie;  Ondrusek, Michael;  Platt, Trevor;  Poulton, Alex J.;  Repecaud, Michel;  Schroeder, Thomas;  Smythe, Timothy;  Smythe-Wright, Denise;  Sosik, Heidi M.;  Twardowski, Michael;  Vellucci, Vincenzo;  Voss, Kenneth;  Werdell, Jeremy;  Wernand, Marcel;  Wright, Simon;  Zibordi, Giuseppe
Collaborative Research: Marine Aerosols in the Arctic: Linking surface water chemistry and biology with primary particle production [项目]
Patricia Matrai
Collaborative Research: Responses of atmospheric oxidants and CO2 to dramatic changes in Arctic sea ice [项目]
Patricia Matrai
Sweden-US Workshop to Discuss Potential Joint-Arctic Research using the I/B Oden [项目]
Patricia Matrai
Collaborative Research: Understanding Arctic Marine Biogeochemical Response to Climate Change for Seasonal to Decadal Prediction Using Regional and Global Climate System Models [项目]
Patricia Matrai