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Sulfur aerosols in the Arctic, Antarctic, and Tibetan Plateau: Current knowledge and future perspectives [期刊论文]
Earth Science Reviews, 2021-01-01, 220
Pei Q.;  Saikawa E.;  Kaspari S.;  Widory D.;  Zhao C.;  Wu G.;  Loewen M.;  Wan X.;  Kang S.;  Wang X.;  Zhang Y.-L.;  Cong Z.
Global soil nitrous oxide emissions since the preindustrial era estimated by an ensemble of terrestrial biosphere models: Magnitude, attribution, and uncertainty [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2019-01-01, 25 (2
Tian H.;  Yang J.;  Xu R.;  Lu C.;  Canadell J.G.;  Davidson E.A.;  Jackson R.B.;  Arneth A.;  Chang J.;  Ciais P.;  Gerber S.;  Ito A.;  Joos F.;  Lienert S.;  Messina P.;  Olin S.;  Pan S.;  Peng C.;  Saikawa E.;  Thompson R.L.;  Vuichard N.;  Winiwarter W.;  Zaehle S.;  Zhang B.
Levoglucosan as a tracer of biomass burning: Recent progress and perspectives [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Research, 2019-01-01, 220
Bhattarai H.;  Saikawa E.;  Wan X.;  Zhu H.;  Ram K.;  Gao S.;  Kang S.;  Zhang Q.;  Zhang Y.;  Wu G.;  Wang X.;  Kawamura K.;  Fu P.;  Cong Z.
Nitrous Oxide Emissions Estimated With the CarbonTracker-Lagrange North American Regional Inversion Framework [期刊论文]
Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2018-01-01, 32 (3
Nevison C;  , Andrews A;  , Thoning K;  , Dlugokencky E;  , Sweeney C;  , Miller S;  , Saikawa E;  , Benmergui J;  , Fischer M;  , Mountain M;  , Nehrkorn T
Indoor air pollution from burning yak dung as a household fuel in Tibet [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2015-01-01, 102
Xiao Q;  , Saikawa E;  , Yokelson R;  J;  , Chen P;  , Li C;  , Kang S
Global modeling of soil nitrous oxide emissions from natural processes [期刊论文]
Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2013-01-01, 27 (3
Saikawa E;  , Schlosser C;  A;  , Prinn R;  G
Response of global soil consumption of atmospheric methane to changes in atmospheric climate and nitrogen deposition [期刊论文]
Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2013-01-01, 27 (3
Zhuang Q;  , Chen M;  , Xu K;  , Tang J;  , Saikawa E;  , Lu Y;  , Melillo J;  M;  , Prinn R;  G;  , McGuire A;  D