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Understanding the value and limits of nature-based solutions to climate change and other global challenges [期刊论文]
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 2020-01-01, 375 (1794
Seddon N.;  Chausson A.;  Berry P.;  Girardin C.A.J.;  Smith A.;  Turner B.
Which practices co-deliver food security, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and combat land degradation and desertification? [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2020-01-01, 26 (3
Smith P.;  Calvin K.;  Nkem J.;  Campbell D.;  Cherubini F.;  Grassi G.;  Korotkov V.;  Le Hoang A.;  Lwasa S.;  McElwee P.;  Nkonya E.;  Saigusa N.;  Soussana J.-F.;  Taboada M.A.;  Manning F.C.;  Nampanzira D.;  Arias-Navarro C.;  Vizzarri M.;  House J.;  Roe S.;  Cowie A.;  Rounsevell M.;  Arneth A.
Ecological variables for developing a global deep-ocean monitoring and conservation strategy [期刊论文]
Nature Ecology and Evolution, 2020-01-01, 4 (2
Danovaro R.;  Fanelli E.;  Aguzzi J.;  Billett D.;  Carugati L.;  Corinaldesi C.;  Dell’Anno A.;  Gjerde K.;  Jamieson A.J.;  Kark S.;  McClain C.;  Levin L.;  Levin N.;  Ramirez-Llodra E.;  Ruhl H.;  Smith C.R.;  Snelgrove P.V.R.;  Thomsen L.;  Van Dover C.L.;  Yasuhara M.
Tropical rainfall predictions from multiple seasonal forecast systems [期刊论文]
International Journal of Climatology, 2019-01-01, 39 (2
Scaife A.A.;  Ferranti L.;  Alves O.;  Athanasiadis P.;  Baehr J.;  Dequé M.;  Dippe T.;  Dunstone N.;  Fereday D.;  Gudgel R.G.;  Greatbatch R.J.;  Hermanson L.;  Imada Y.;  Jain S.;  Kumar A.;  MacLachlan C.;  Merryfield W.;  Müller W.A.;  Ren H.-L.;  Smith D.;  Takaya Y.;  Vecchi G.;  Yang X.
Local adaptation, genetic divergence, and experimental selection in a foundation grass across the US Great Plains’ climate gradient [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2019-01-01, 25 (3
Galliart M.;  Bello N.;  Knapp M.;  Poland J.;  St Amand P.;  Baer S.;  Maricle B.;  Smith A.B.;  Johnson L.
Towards high throughput assessment of canopy dynamics: The estimation of leaf area structure in Amazonian forests with multitemporal multi-sensor airborne lidar [期刊论文]
REMOTE SENSING OF ENVIRONMENT, 2019-01-01, 221) : 1-13
Shao, Gang;  Stark, Scott C.;  de Almeida, Danilo R. A.;  Smith, Marielle N.
Warming shortens flowering seasons of tundra plant communities [期刊论文]
NATURE ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION, 2019-01-01, 3 (1) : 45-52
Prevey, Janet S.;  Rixen, Christian;  Rueger, Nadja;  Hoye, Toke T.;  Bjorkman, Anne D.;  Myers-Smith, Isla H.;  Elmendorf, Sarah C.;  Ashton, Isabel W.;  Cannone, Nicoletta;  Chisholm, Chelsea L.;  Clark, Karin;  Cooper, Elisabeth J.;  Elberling, Bo;  Fosaa, Anna Maria;  Henry, Greg H. R.;  Hollister, Robert D.;  Jonsdottir, Ingibjorg Svala;  Klanderud, Kari;  Kopp, Christopher W.;  Levesque, Esther;  Mauritz, Marguerite;  Molau, Ulf;  Natali, Susan M.;  Oberbauer, Steven F.;  Panchen, Zoe A.;  Post, Eric;  Rumpf, Sabine B.;  Schmidt, Niels Martin;  Schuur, Edward;  Semenchuk, Philipp R.;  Smith, Jane G.;  Suding, Katharine N.;  Totland, Orjan;  Troxler, Tiffany;  Venn, Susanna;  Wahren, Carl-Henrik;  Welker, Jeffrey M.;  Wipf, Sonja
Traditional plant functional groups explain variation in economic but not size-related traits across the tundra biome [期刊论文]
GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY, 2019-01-01, 28 (2) : 78-95
Thomas, H. J. D.;  Myers-Smith, I. H.;  Bjorkman, A. D.;  Elmendorf, S. C.;  Blok, D.;  Cornelissen, J. H. C.;  Forbes, B. C.;  Hollister, R. D.;  Normand, S.;  Prevey, J. S.;  Rixen, C.;  Schaepman-Strub, G.;  Wilmking, M.;  Wipf, S.;  Cornwell, W. K.;  Kattge, J.;  Goetz, S. J.;  Guay, K. C.;  Alatalo, J. M.;  Anadon-Rosell, A.;  Angers-Blondin, S.;  Berner, L. T.;  Bjork, R. G.;  Buchwal, A.;  Buras, A.;  Carbognani, M.;  Christie, K.;  Collier, L. Siegwart;  Cooper, E. J.;  Eskelinen, A.;  Frei, E. R.;  Grau, O.;  Grogan, P.;  Hallinger, M.;  Heijmans, M. M. P. D.;  Hermanutz, L.;  Hudson, J. M. G.;  Huelber, K.;  Iturrate-Garcia, M.;  Iversen, C. M.;  Jaroszynska, F.;  Johnstone, J. F.;  Kaarlejarvi, E.;  Kulonen, A.;  Lamarque, L. J.;  Levesque, E.;  Little, C. J.;  Michelsen, A.;  Milbau, A.;  Nabe-Nielsen, J.;  Nielsen, S. S.;  Ninot, J. M.;  Oberbauer, S. F.;  Olofsson, J.;  Onipchenko, V. G.;  Petraglia, A.;  Rumpf, S. B.;  Semenchuk, P. R.;  Soudzilovskaia, N. A.;  Spasojevic, M. J.;  Speed, J. D. M.;  Tape, K. D.;  te Beest, M.;  Tomaselli, M.;  Trant, A.;  Treier, U. A.;  Venn, S.;  Vowles, T.;  Weijers, S.;  Zamin, T.;  Atkin, O. K.;  Bahn, M.;  Blonder, B.;  Campetella, G.;  Cerabolini, B. E. L.;  Chapin, F. S., III;  Dainese, M.;  de Vries, F. T.;  Diaz, S.;  Green, W.;  Jackson, R. B.;  Manning, P.;  Niinemets, U.;  Ozinga, W. A.;  Penuelas, J.;  Reich, P. B.;  Schamp, B.;  Sheremetev, S.;  van Bodegom, P. M.
Why more comparative approaches are required in time-series analyses of coral reef ecosystems [期刊论文]
MARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIES, 2019-01-01, 608) : 297-306
Edmunds, P. J.;  Adam, T. C.;  Baker, A. C.;  Doo, S. S.;  Glynn, P. W.;  Manzello, D. P.;  Silbiger, N. J.;  Smith, T. B.;  Fong, P.
Increasing crop yields and root input make Canadian farmland a large carbon sink [期刊论文]
GEODERMA, 2019-01-01, 336) : 49-58
Fan, Jianling;  McConkey, Brian G.;  Liang, B. Chang;  Angers, Denis A.;  Janzen, H. Henry;  Krobel, Roland;  Cerkowniak, Darrel D.;  Smith, Ward N.

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