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The Second Warning to Humanity - Providing a Context for Wetland Management and Policy [期刊论文]
WETLANDS, 2019-01-01, 39 (1) : 1-5
Finlayson, C. M.;  Davies, Gillian T.;  Moomaw, William R.;  Chmura, G. L.;  Natali, Susan M.;  Perry, J. E.;  Roulet, N.;  Sutton-Grier, Ariana E.
Warming shortens flowering seasons of tundra plant communities [期刊论文]
NATURE ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION, 2019-01-01, 3 (1) : 45-52
Prevey, Janet S.;  Rixen, Christian;  Rueger, Nadja;  Hoye, Toke T.;  Bjorkman, Anne D.;  Myers-Smith, Isla H.;  Elmendorf, Sarah C.;  Ashton, Isabel W.;  Cannone, Nicoletta;  Chisholm, Chelsea L.;  Clark, Karin;  Cooper, Elisabeth J.;  Elberling, Bo;  Fosaa, Anna Maria;  Henry, Greg H. R.;  Hollister, Robert D.;  Jonsdottir, Ingibjorg Svala;  Klanderud, Kari;  Kopp, Christopher W.;  Levesque, Esther;  Mauritz, Marguerite;  Molau, Ulf;  Natali, Susan M.;  Oberbauer, Steven F.;  Panchen, Zoe A.;  Post, Eric;  Rumpf, Sabine B.;  Schmidt, Niels Martin;  Schuur, Edward;  Semenchuk, Philipp R.;  Smith, Jane G.;  Suding, Katharine N.;  Totland, Orjan;  Troxler, Tiffany;  Venn, Susanna;  Wahren, Carl-Henrik;  Welker, Jeffrey M.;  Wipf, Sonja
Strengthened scientific support for the Endangerment Finding for atmospheric greenhouse gases [期刊论文]
SCIENCE, 2019-01-01, 363 (6427) : 597-+
Duffy, Philip B.;  Field, Christopher B.;  Diffenbaugh, Noah S.;  Doney, Scott C.;  Dutton, Zoe;  Goodman, Sherri;  Heinzerling, Lisa;  Hsiang, Solomon;  Lobell, David B.;  Mickley, Loretta J.;  Myers, Samuel;  Natali, Susan M.;  Parmesan, Camille;  Tierney, Susan;  Williams, A. Park
Inference of the impact of wildfire on permafrost and active layer thickness in a discontinuous permafrost region using the remotely sensed active layer thickness (ReSALT) algorithm [期刊论文]
Michaelides, Roger J.;  Schaefer, Kevin;  Zebker, Howard A.;  Parsekian, Andrew;  Liu, Lin;  Chen, Jingyi;  Natali, Susan;  Ludwig, Sarah;  Schaefer, Sean R.
Temperature-controlled tundra fire severity and frequency during the last millennium in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska [期刊论文]
HOLOCENE, 2019-01-01, 29 (7) : 1223-1233
Sae-Lim, Jarunetr;  Russell, James M.;  Vachula, Richard S.;  Holmes, Robert M.;  Mann, Paul J.;  Schade, John D.;  Natali, Susan M.
A new phenological metric for use in pheno-climatic models: A case study using herbarium specimens of Streptanthus tortuosus [期刊论文]
Love, Natalie L. Rossington;  Park, Isaac W.;  Mazer, Susan J.
Tree density influences ecohydrological drivers of plant-water relations in a larch boreal forest in Siberia [期刊论文]
ECOHYDROLOGY, 2019-01-01,
Kropp, Heather;  Loranty, Michael M.;  Natali, Susan M.;  Kholodov, Alexander L.;  Alexander, Heather D.;  Zimov, Nikita S.;  Mack, Michelle C.;  Spawn, Seth A.
Direct observation of permafrost degradation and rapid soil carbon loss in tundra [期刊论文]
NATURE GEOSCIENCE, 2019-01-01, 12 (8) : 627-+
Plaza, Cesar;  Pegoraro, Elaine;  Bracho, Rosvel;  Celis, Gerardo;  Crummer, Kathryn G.;  Hutchings, Jack A.;  Pries, Caitlin E. Hicks;  Mauritz, Marguerite;  Natali, Susan M.;  Salmon, Verity G.;  Schadel, Christina;  Webb, Elizabeth E.;  Schuur, Edward A. G.
Potential carbon emissions dominated by carbon dioxide from thawed permafrost soils [期刊论文]
Nature Climate Change, 2016-06-13, Volume:6,Pages:950–953 (2016)
Christina Schä;  del;  Martin K.-F. Bader;  Edward A. G. Schuur;  Christina Biasi;  Rosvel Bracho;  Petr Č;  apek;  Sarah De Baets;  Kateř;  ina Diá;  ková;  Jessica Ernakovich;  Cristian Estop-Aragones;  David E. Graham;  Iain P. Hartley;  Colleen M. Iversen;  Evan Kane;  Christian Knoblauch;  Massimo Lupascu;  Pertti J. Martikainen;  Susan M. Natali;  Richard J. Norby;  Jonathan ;  A. O’;  Donnell;  Taniya Roy Chowdhury;  Hana Š;  antrů;  č;  ková;  Gaius Shaver;  Victoria ;  L. Sloan;  Claire C. Treat;  Merritt R. Turetsky;  Mark P. Waldrop;  Kimberly P. Wickland
Adobe PDF(402Kb)  |  View/Download:26/3
Tundra soil carbon is vulnerable to rapid microbial decomposition under climate warming [期刊论文]
Nature Climate Change, 2016-02-22, Volume:6,Pages:595–600 (2016)
Kai Xue;  Mengting M. Yuan;  Zhou J. ;  Shi;  Yujia Qin;  Ye Deng;  Lei Cheng;  Liyou Wu;  Zhili He;  Joy D. Van Nostrand;  Rosvel Bracho;  Susan Natali;  Edward. A. G. Schuur;  Chengwei Luo;  Konstantinos T. Konstantinidis;  Qiong Wang;  James ;  R. Cole;  James ;  M. Tiedje;  Yiqi Luo;  Jizhong Zhou
Adobe PDF(807Kb)  |  View/Download:139/23

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