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RNA sequencing analyses of gene expressions in a canine macrophages cell line DH82 infected with canine distemper virus [期刊论文]
Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 2020-01-01, 80
Zheng X.;  Zhu Y.;  Zhao Z.;  Yan L.;  Xu T.;  Wang X.;  He H.;  Xia X.;  Zheng W.;  Xue X.
Large decrease in streamflow and sediment load of Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau driven by future climate change: A case study in Lhasa River Basin [期刊论文]
Catena, 2020-01-01, 187
Tian P.;  Lu H.;  Feng W.;  Guan Y.;  Xue Y.
Deriving a Global and Hourly Data Set of Aerosol Optical Depth over Land Using Data from Four Geostationary Satellites: GOES-16, MSG-1, MSG-4, and Himawari-8 [期刊论文]
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 2020-01-01, 58 (3
Xie Y.;  Xue Y.;  Guang J.;  Mei L.;  She L.;  Li Y.;  Che Y.;  Fan C.
Fractional vegetation coverage response to climatic factors based on grey relational analysis during the 2000-2017 growing season in Sichuan Province, China [期刊论文]
International Journal of Remote Sensing, 2020-01-01, 41 (3
Li P.;  He Z.;  He D.;  Xue D.;  Wang Y.;  Cao S.
Effects of warming and elevated O3 concentrations on N2O emission and soil nitrification and denitrification rates in a wheat-soybean rotation cropland [期刊论文]
Environmental Pollution, 2020-01-01, 257
Wang Y.;  Hu Z.;  Shang D.;  Xue Y.;  Islam A.R.M.T.;  Chen S.
A 24-h real-time emissions assessment of 41 uncontrolled household raw coal combustion stoves in four provinces of Northern China [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2020-01-01, 235
Li C.;  Ye K.;  Mawusi S.;  Zhang W.;  Xu Y.;  Xu J.;  Zhou W.;  Li J.;  Jiao M.;  Shrestha P.;  Pang R.;  Hussein R.;  Xue C.;  Liu G.
Atmospheric nitrous acid (HONO) at a rural coastal site in North China: Seasonal variations and effects of biomass burning [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2020-01-01, 229
Gu R.;  Zheng P.;  Chen T.;  Dong C.;  Wang Y.;  Liu Y.;  Liu Y.;  Luo Y.;  Han G.;  Wang X.;  Zhou X.;  Wang T.;  Wang W.;  Xue L.
NOx enhances secondary organic aerosol formation from nighttime γ-terpinene ozonolysis [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2020-01-01, 225
Xu L.;  Tsona N.T.;  You B.;  Zhang Y.;  Wang S.;  Yang Z.;  Xue L.;  Du L.
Satellite-based estimation of surface NO2 concentrations over east-central China: A comparison of POMINO and OMNO2d data [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2020-01-01, 224
Qin K.;  Han X.;  Li D.;  Xu J.;  Li D.;  Loyola D.;  Zhou X.;  Xue Y.;  Zhang K.;  Yuan L.
PM2.5 source apportionment during severe haze episodes in a Chinese megacity based on a 5-month period by using hourly species measurements: Explore how to better conduct PMF during haze episodes [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2020-01-01, 224
Tian Y.;  Zhang Y.;  Liang Y.;  Niu Z.;  Xue Q.;  Feng Y.

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