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Response of downstream lakes to Aru glacier collapses on the western Tibetan Plateau [期刊论文]
Cryosphere, 2021-01-01, 15 (1
Lei Y.;  Yao T.;  Tian L.;  Sheng Y.;  Lazhu;  Liao J.;  Zhao H.;  Yang W.;  Yang K.;  Berthier E.;  Brun F.;  Gao Y.;  Zhu M.;  Wu G.
High-resolution interannual precipitation reconstruction of Southern California: Implications for Holocene ENSO evolution [期刊论文]
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2021-01-01, 554
Du X.;  Hendy I.;  Hinnov L.;  Brown E.;  Zhu J.;  Poulsen C.J.
Effective seismic wave velocities and attenuation in partially molten rocks [期刊论文]
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2021-01-01, 572
Lyakhovsky V.;  Shalev E.;  Kurzon I.;  Zhu W.;  Montesi L.;  Shapiro N.M.
Intermittent volcanic activity detected in the Von Kármán crater on the farside of the Moon [期刊论文]
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2021-01-01, 569
Yuan Y.;  Zhu P.;  Xiao L.;  Huang J.;  Garnero E.J.;  Deng J.;  Wang F.;  Qian Y.;  Zhao N.;  Wang W.;  Li W.
Magnesium partitioning into vaterite and its potential role as a precursor phase in foraminiferal Mg/Ca thermometer [期刊论文]
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2021-01-01, 567
Zhu C.;  Chen T.;  Zhao L.
Prediction of landslide displacement using multi-kernel extreme learning machine and maximum information coefficient based on variational mode decomposition: a case study in Shaanxi, China [期刊论文]
Natural Hazards, 2021-01-01, 108 (1
Ling Q.;  Zhang Q.;  Zhang J.;  Kong L.;  Zhang W.;  Zhu L.
Impacts of the carbon emission trading system on China’s carbon emission peak: a new data-driven approach [期刊论文]
Natural Hazards, 2021-01-01, 107 (3
Wu L.;  Zhu Q.
Fracture mechanism of rock collapse in the freeze–thaw zone of the eastern Sichuan–Tibet Mountains under seasonal fluctuating combinations of water and heat [期刊论文]
Natural Hazards, 2021-01-01, 108 (2
Wu Y.;  Li X.;  Zhu L.
Characteristics of tropical cyclones formed in the Eastern Pacific Northwest [期刊论文]
Natural Hazards, 2021-01-01, 106 (3
Zhang L.;  Zhu H.;  Liu J.
Fire enhances forest degradation within forest edge zones in Africa [期刊论文]
Nature Geoscience, 2021-01-01, 14 (7
Zhao Z.;  Li W.;  Ciais P.;  Santoro M.;  Cartus O.;  Peng S.;  Yin Y.;  Yue C.;  Yang H.;  Yu L.;  Zhu L.;  Wang J.

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