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Enhanced haze pollution by black carbon in megacities in China [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2016-01-01, 43 (6
Ding A.J.;  Huang X.;  Nie W.;  Sun J.N.;  Kerminen V.-M.;  Petäjä T.;  Su H.;  Cheng Y.F.;  Yang X.-Q.;  Wang M.H.;  Chi X.G.;  Wang J.P.;  Virkkula A.;  Guo W.D.;  Yuan J.;  Wang S.Y.;  Zhang R.J.;  Wu Y.F.;  Song Y.;  Zhu T.;  Zilitinkevich S.;  Kulmala M.;  Fu C.B.
Historically hottest summers projected to be the norm for more than half of the world's population within 20 years [期刊论文]
Environmental Research Letters, 2016-01-01, 11 (4
Brigitte Mueller;  Xuebin Zhang;  Francis W Zwiers
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Rising methane emissions from northern wetlands associated with sea ice decline [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2015-01-01, 42 (17
Parmentier F.-J.W.;  Zhang W.;  Mi Y.;  Zhu X.;  Van Huissteden J.;  Hayes D.J.;  Zhuang Q.;  Christensen T.R.;  McGuire A.D.
Long-term changes in soil pH across major forest ecosystems in China [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2015-01-01, 42 (3
Yang Y.;  Li P.;  He H.;  Zhao X.;  Datta A.;  Ma W.;  Zhang Y.;  Liu X.;  Han W.;  Wilson M.C.;  Fang J.
Estimation of greenhouse gases (N2O, CH4 and CO2) from no-till cropland under increased temperature and altered precipitation regime: A DAYCENT model approach [期刊论文]
2014-01-01, 118
Rafique R.;  Kumar S.;  Luo Y.;  Xu X.;  Li D.;  Zhang W.;  Asam Z.-U.-Z.
DEMETER observations of high-latitude chorus waves penetrating the plasmasphere during a geomagnetic storm [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2013-01-01, 40 (22
Zhima Z.;  Cao J.;  Liu W.;  Fu H.;  Yang J.;  Zhang X.;  Shen X.
Effect of heterogeneous atmospheric CO2 on simulated global carbon budget [期刊论文]
Global and Planetary Change, 2013-01-01, 101
Zhang Z.;  Jiang H.;  Liu J.;  Ju W.;  Zhang X.