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Crustal-scale wedge tectonics at the narrow boundary between the Tibetan Plateau and Ordos block [期刊论文]
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2021-01-01, 554
Tian X.;  Bai Z.;  Klemperer S.L.;  Liang X.;  Liu Z.;  Wang X.;  Yang X.;  Wei Y.;  Zhu G.
Group-occurring landslides and debris flows caused by the continuous heavy rainfall in June 2019 in Mibei Village, Longchuan County, Guangdong Province, China [期刊论文]
Natural Hazards, 2021-01-01, 108 (3
Bai H.;  Feng W.;  Yi X.;  Fang H.;  Wu Y.;  Deng P.;  Dai H.;  Hu R.
Risk analysis of tripping accidents of power grid caused by typical natural hazards based on FTA-BN model [期刊论文]
Natural Hazards, 2021-01-01, 106 (3
Bian H.;  Zhang J.;  Li R.;  Zhao H.;  Wang X.;  Bai Y.
Evaluation of watershed soil erosion hazard using combination weight and GIS: a case study from eroded soil in Southern China [期刊论文]
Natural Hazards, 2021-01-01,
Chen S.;  Liu W.;  Bai Y.;  Luo X.;  Li H.;  Zha X.
Perovskite QLED with an external quantum efficiency of over 21% by modulating electronic transport [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01, 66 (1
Fang T.;  Wang T.;  Li X.;  Dong Y.;  Bai S.;  Song J.
Barium isotope evidence for the role of magmatic fluids in the origin of Himalayan leucogranites [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01,
Huang F.;  Bai R.;  Deng G.;  Liu X.;  Li X.
Anisotropic gapping of topological Weyl rings in the charge-density-wave superconductor InxTaSe2 [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01, 66 (3
Li Y.;  Wu Y.;  Xu C.;  Liu N.;  Ma J.;  Lv B.;  Yao G.;  Liu Y.;  Bai H.;  Yang X.;  Qiao L.;  Li M.;  Li L.;  Xing H.;  Huang Y.;  Ma J.;  Shi M.;  Cao C.;  Liu Y.;  Liu C.;  Jia J.;  Xu Z.-A.
Berberine reverses multidrug resistance in Candida albicans by hijacking the drug efflux pump Mdr1p [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01,
Tong Y.;  Zhang J.;  Sun N.;  Wang X.-M.;  Wei Q.;  Zhang Y.;  Huang R.;  Pu Y.;  Dai H.;  Ren B.;  Pei G.;  Song F.;  Zhu G.;  Wang X.;  Xia X.;  Chen X.;  Jiang L.;  Wang S.;  Ouyang L.;  Xie N.;  Zhang B.;  Jiang Y.;  Liu X.;  Calderone R.;  Bai F.;  Zhang L.;  Alterovitz G.
Warming-driven migration of core microbiota indicates soil property changes at continental scale [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01,
Wang S.;  Bao X.;  Feng K.;  Deng Y.;  Zhou W.;  Shao P.;  Zheng T.;  Yao F.;  Yang S.;  Liu S.;  Shi R.;  Bai Z.;  Xie H.;  Yu J.;  Zhang Y.;  Zhang Y.;  Sha L.;  Song Q.;  Liu Y.;  Zhou J.;  Zhang Y.;  Li H.;  Wang Q.;  Han X.;  Zhu Y.;  Liang C.
Crustal velocity structure of Cathaysia Block from an active-source seismic profile between Wanzai and Hui'an in SE China [期刊论文]
Tectonophysics, 2021-01-01, 811
Lin J.;  Xu T.;  Cai H.;  Lü Q.;  Bai Z.;  Deng Y.;  Zhang Y.;  Huang M.;  Badal J.;  Jin X.

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