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Comparing concentration-based (AOT40) and stomatal uptake (PODY) metrics for ozone risk assessment to European forests [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2016-01-01, 22 (4
Anav A.;  De Marco A.;  Proietti C.;  Alessandri A.;  Dell'Aquila A.;  Cionni I.;  Friedlingstein P.;  Khvorostyanov D.;  Menut L.;  Paoletti E.;  Sicard P.;  Sitch S.;  Vitale M.
Assessment of the AMS-MINNI system capabilities to simulate air quality over Italy for the calendar year 2005 [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2014-01-01, 84
Mircea M;  , Ciancarella L;  , Briganti G;  , Calori G;  , Cappelletti A;  , Cionni I;  , Costa M;  , Cremona G;  , D'Isidoro M;  , Finardi S;  , Pace G;  , Piersanti A;  , Righini G;  , Silibello C;  , Vitali L;  , Zanini G
Long-term ozone changes and associated climate impacts in CMIP5 simulations [期刊论文]
Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres, 2013-01-01, 118 (10
Eyring V.;  Arblaster J.M.;  Cionni I.;  Sedláček J.;  Perlwitz J.;  Young P.J.;  Bekki S.;  Bergmann D.;  Cameron-Smith P.;  Collins W.J.;  Faluvegi G.;  Gottschaldt K.-D.;  Horowitz L.W.;  Kinnison D.E.;  Lamarque J.-F.;  Marsh D.R.;  Saint-Martin D.;  Shindell D.T.;  Sudo K.;  Szopa S.;  Watanabe S.