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From global to regional and back again: Common climate stressors of marine ecosystems relevant for adaptation across five ocean warming hotspots [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2016-01-01, 22 (6
Popova E.;  Yool A.;  Byfield V.;  Cochrane K.;  Coward A.C.;  Salim S.S.;  Gasalla M.A.;  Henson S.A.;  Hobday A.J.;  Pecl G.T.;  Sauer W.H.;  Roberts M.J.
Earth's energy imbalance since 1960 in observations and CMIP5 models [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2015-01-01, 42 (4
Smith D.M.;  Allan R.P.;  Coward A.C.;  Eade R.;  Hyder P.;  Liu C.;  Loeb N.G.;  Palmer M.D.;  Roberts C.D.;  Scaife A.A.
Seasonal variability of the warm Atlantic water layer in the vicinity of the Greenland shelf break [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2014-01-01, 41 (23
Grist J.P.;  Josey S.A.;  Boehme L.;  Meredith M.P.;  Laidre K.L.;  Heide-Jørgensen M.P.;  Kovacs K.M.;  Lydersen C.;  Davidson F.J.M.;  Stenson G.B.;  Hammill M.O.;  Marsh R.;  Coward A.C.
Rapid sea-level rise along the Antarctic margins in response to increased glacial discharge [期刊论文]
Nature Geoscience, 2014-01-01, 7 (10
Rye C.D.;  Garabato A.C.N.;  Holland P.R.;  Meredith M.P.;  Nurser A.J.G.;  Hughes C.W.;  Coward A.C.;  Webb D.J.
Oceanic hindcast simulations at high resolution suggest that the Atlantic MOC is bistable [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2013-01-01, 40 (12
Deshayes J.;  Tréguier A.-M.;  Barnier B.;  Lecointre A.;  Sommer J.L.;  Molines J.-M.;  Penduff T.;  Bourdallé-Badie R.;  Drillet Y.;  Garric G.;  Benshila R.;  Madec G.;  Biastoch A.;  Böning C.W.;  Scheinert M.;  Coward A.C.;  Hirschi J.J.-M.