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Forest canopy maintains the soil community composition under elevated nitrogen deposition [期刊论文]
Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 2020-01-01, 143
Liu T.;  Mao P.;  Shi L.;  Eisenhauer N.;  Liu S.;  Wang X.;  He X.;  Wang Z.;  Zhang W.;  Liu Z.;  Zhou L.;  Shao Y.;  Fu S.
Putting soil invertebrate diversity on the map [期刊论文]
Molecular ecology, 2020-01-01, 29 (4
Phillips H.R.P.;  Heintz-Buschart A.;  Eisenhauer N.
A niche for ecosystem multifunctionality in global change research [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2019-01-01, 25 (3
Giling D.P.;  Beaumelle L.;  Phillips H.R.P.;  Cesarz S.;  Eisenhauer N.;  Ferlian O.;  Gottschall F.;  Guerra C.;  Hines J.;  Sendek A.;  Siebert J.;  Thakur M.P.;  Barnes A.D.
Integrating community assembly and biodiversity to better understand ecosystem function: the Community Assembly and the Functioning of Ecosystems (CAFE) approach [期刊论文]
Ecology Letters, 2018-01-01, 21 (2
Bannar-Martin K.H.;  Kremer C.T.;  Ernest S.K.M.;  Leibold M.A.;  Auge H.;  Chase J.;  Declerck S.A.J.;  Eisenhauer N.;  Harpole S.;  Hillebrand H.;  Isbell F.;  Koffel T.;  Larsen S.;  Narwani A.;  Petermann J.S.;  Roscher C.;  Cabral J.S.;  Supp S.R.
The unseen invaders: introduced earthworms as drivers of change in plant communities in North American forests (a meta-analysis) [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2017-01-01, 23 (3
Craven D.;  Thakur M.P.;  Cameron E.K.;  Frelich L.E.;  Beauséjour R.;  Blair R.B.;  Blossey B.;  Burtis J.;  Choi A.;  Dávalos A.;  Fahey T.J.;  Fisichelli N.A.;  Gibson K.;  Handa I.T.;  Hopfensperger K.;  Loss S.R.;  Nuzzo V.;  Maerz J.C.;  Sackett T.;  Scharenbroch B.C.;  Smith S.M.;  Vellend M.;  Umek L.G.;  Eisenhauer N.
Shifts of community composition and population density substantially affect ecosystem function despite invariant richness [期刊论文]
Ecology Letters, 2017-01-01, 20 (10
Spaak J.W.;  Baert J.M.;  Baird D.J.;  Eisenhauer N.;  Maltby L.;  Pomati F.;  Radchuk V.;  Rohr J.R.;  Van den Brink P.J.;  De Laender F.
Reintroducing Environmental Change Drivers in Biodiversity–Ecosystem Functioning Research [期刊论文]
Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 2016-01-01, 31 (12
De Laender F.;  Rohr J.R.;  Ashauer R.;  Baird D.J.;  Berger U.;  Eisenhauer N.;  Grimm V.;  Hommen U.;  Maltby L.;  Meliàn C.J.;  Pomati F.;  Roessink I.;  Radchuk V.;  Van den Brink P.J.
Peruvian sediments as recorders of an evolving hiatus for the last 22 thousand years [期刊论文]
Quaternary Science Reviews, 2016-01-01, 137
Erdem Z.;  Schönfeld J.;  Glock N.;  Dengler M.;  Mosch T.;  Sommer S.;  Elger J.;  Eisenhauer A.
Mechanisms behind plant diversity effects on inorganic and organic N leaching from temperate grassland [期刊论文]
Biogeochemistry, 2016-01-01, 131 (3
Leimer S.;  Oelmann Y.;  Eisenhauer N.;  Milcu A.;  Roscher C.;  Scheu S.;  Weigelt A.;  Wirth C.;  Wilcke W.
Plant diversity drives soil microbial biomass carbon in grasslands irrespective of global environmental change factors [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2015-01-01, 21 (11
Thakur M.P.;  Milcu A.;  Manning P.;  Niklaus P.A.;  Roscher C.;  Power S.;  Reich P.B.;  Scheu S.;  Tilman D.;  Ai F.;  Guo H.;  Ji R.;  Pierce S.;  Ramirez N.G.;  Richter A.N.;  Steinauer K.;  Strecker T.;  Vogel A.;  Eisenhauer N.

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