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Online fluorescence spectroscopy for the real-time evaluation of the microbial quality of drinking water [期刊论文]
Water Research, 2018-01-01, 137
Sorensen J.P.R.;  Vivanco A.;  Ascott M.J.;  Gooddy D.C.;  Lapworth D.J.;  Read D.S.;  Rushworth C.M.;  Bucknall J.;  Herbert K.;  Karapanos I.;  Gumm L.P.;  Taylor R.G.
Are sanitation interventions a threat to drinking water supplies in rural India? An application of tryptophan-like fluorescence [期刊论文]
water Research, 2016-01-01, Volume 88) : Pages 923-932
J.P.R. Sorensena;  ;  ;  A. Sadhub;  G. Sampathb;  S. Sugdenc;  S. Dutta Guptad;  D.J. Lapwortha;  B.P. Marchante;  S. Pedleyf
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Groundwater quality and depletion in the Indo-Gangetic Basin mapped from in situ observations [期刊论文]
Nature Geoscience, 2016-01-01, 9 (10
MacDonald A.M.;  Bonsor H.C.;  Ahmed K.M.;  Burgess W.G.;  Basharat M.;  Calow R.C.;  Dixit A.;  Foster S.S.D.;  Gopal K.;  Lapworth D.J.;  Lark R.M.;  Moench M.;  Mukherjee A.;  Rao M.S.;  Shamsudduha M.;  Smith L.;  Taylor R.G.;  Tucker J.;  Van Steenbergen F.;  Yadav S.K.
Groundwater recharge and age-depth profiles of intensively exploited groundwater resources in northwest India [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2015-01-01, 42 (18
Lapworth D.J.;  MacDonald A.M.;  Krishan G.;  Rao M.S.;  Gooddy D.C.;  Darling W.G.
Emerging contaminants in urban groundwater sources in Africa [期刊论文]
water Research, 2015-01-01, Volume 72) : Pages 51-63
J.P.R. Sorensena;  ;  ;  D.J. Lapwortha;  D.C.W. Nkhuwab;  M.E. Stuarta;  D.C. Gooddya;  R.A. Bella;  M. Chirwab;  J. Kabikab;  M. Liemisac;  M. Chibesac;  S. Pedleyd
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In-situ tryptophan-like fluorescence: A real-time indicator of faecal contamination in drinking water supplies [期刊论文]
water Research, 2015-01-01, Volume 81) : Pages 38-46
J.P.R. Sorensena;  ;  ;  D.J. Lapwortha;  B.P. Marchantb;  D.C.W. Nkhuwac;  S. Pedleyd;  M.E. Stuarta;  R.A. Bellb;  M. Chirwac;  J. Kabikac;  M. Liemisae;  M. Chibesae
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