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Frost rings in 1627 BC and AD 536 in subfossil pinewood from Finnish Lapland [期刊论文]
Quaternary Science Reviews, 2019-01-01, 204
Helama S.;  Saranpää P.;  Pearson C.L.;  Arppe L.;  Holopainen J.;  Mäkinen H.;  Mielikäinen K.;  Nöjd P.;  Sutinen R.;  Taavitsainen J.-P.;  Timonen M.;  Uusitalo J.;  Oinonen M.
Chilling and forcing temperatures interact to predict the onset of wood formation in Northern Hemisphere conifers [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2019-01-01, 25 (3
Delpierre N.;  Lireux S.;  Hartig F.;  Camarero J.J.;  Cheaib A.;  Čufar K.;  Cuny H.;  Deslauriers A.;  Fonti P.;  Gričar J.;  Huang J.-G.;  Krause C.;  Liu G.;  de Luis M.;  Mäkinen H.;  del Castillo E.M.;  Morin H.;  Nöjd P.;  Oberhuber W.;  Prislan P.;  Rossi S.;  Saderi S.M.;  Treml V.;  Vavrick H.;  Rathgeber C.B.K.
Environment-induced growth changes in the Finnish forests during 1971–2010 – An analysis based on National Forest Inventory [期刊论文]
Forest Ecology and Management, 2017-01-01, 386
Henttonen H.M.;  Nöjd P.;  Mäkinen H.
A synthesis of radial growth patterns preceding tree mortality [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2017-01-01, 23 (4
Cailleret M.;  Jansen S.;  Robert E.M.R.;  Desoto L.;  Aakala T.;  Antos J.A.;  Beikircher B.;  Bigler C.;  Bugmann H.;  Caccianiga M.;  Čada V.;  Camarero J.J.;  Cherubini P.;  Cochard H.;  Coyea M.R.;  Čufar K.;  Das A.J.;  Davi H.;  Delzon S.;  Dorman M.;  Gea-Izquierdo G.;  Gillner S.;  Haavik L.J.;  Hartmann H.;  Hereş A.-M.;  Hultine K.R.;  Janda P.;  Kane J.M.;  Kharuk V.I.;  Kitzberger T.;  Klein T.;  Kramer K.;  Lens F.;  Levanic T.;  Linares Calderon J.C.;  Lloret F.;  Lobo-Do-Vale R.;  Lombardi F.;  López Rodríguez R.;  Mäkinen H.;  Mayr S.;  Mészáros I.;  Metsaranta J.M.;  Minunno F.;  Oberhuber W.;  Papadopoulos A.;  Peltoniemi M.;  Petritan A.M.;  Rohner B.;  Sangüesa-Barreda G.;  Sarris D.;  Smith J.M.;  Stan A.B.;  Sterck F.;  Stojanović D.B.;  Suarez M.L.;  Svoboda M.;  Tognetti R.;  Torres-Ruiz J.M.;  Trotsiuk V.;  Villalba R.;  Vodde F.;  Westwood A.R.;  Wyckoff P.H.;  Zafirov N.;  Martínez-Vilalta J.
Information needs, barriers and incentives to adopting climate change mitigation and adaptation actions in boreal agriculture [期刊论文]
Climate Research, 2017-01-01, 72 (3
Mäkinen H.;  Rimhanen K.;  Kaseva J.;  Himanen S.J.
Bridging empirical and carbon-balance based forest site productivity - Significance of below-ground allocation [期刊论文]
Forest Ecology and Management, 2016-01-01, 372
Mäkelä A.;  Pulkkinen M.;  Mäkinen H.
Forest susceptibility to storm damage is affected by similar factors regardless of storm type: Comparison of thunder storms and autumn extra-tropical cyclones in Finland [期刊论文]
Forest Ecology and Management, 2016-01-01, 381
Suvanto S.;  Henttonen H.M.;  Nöjd P.;  Mäkinen H.
Pattern of xylem phenology in conifers of cold ecosystems at the Northern Hemisphere [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2016-01-01, 22 (11
Rossi S.;  Anfodillo T.;  Čufar K.;  Cuny H.E.;  Deslauriers A.;  Fonti P.;  Frank D.;  Gričar J.;  Gruber A.;  Huang J.-G.;  Jyske T.;  Kašpar J.;  King G.;  Krause C.;  Liang E.;  Mäkinen H.;  Morin H.;  Nöjd P.;  Oberhuber W.;  Prislan P.;  Rathgeber C.B.K.;  Saracino A.;  Swidrak I.;  Treml V.
An approach to assessing site index changes of Norway spruce based on spatially and temporally disjunct measurement series [期刊论文]
Forest Ecology and Management, 2014-01-01, 323
Yue C.;  Mäkinen H.;  Klädtke J.;  Kohnle U.
Magnetic biomonitoring by moss bags for industry-derived air pollution in SW Finland [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2014-01-01, 97
Salo H;  , Mäkinen J