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Brief communication: New radar constraints support presence of ice older than 1.5 Myr at Little Dome C [期刊论文]
Cryosphere, 2021-01-01, 15 (4
Lilien D.A.;  Steinhage D.;  Taylor D.;  Parrenin F.;  Ritz C.;  Mulvaney R.;  Martín C.;  Yan J.-B.;  O'Neill C.;  Frezzotti M.;  Miller H.;  Gogineni P.;  Dahl-Jensen D.;  Eisen O.
Formation of the Three Gorges (Yangtze River) no earlier than 10 Ma [期刊论文]
Earth Science Reviews, 2021-01-01, 216
Zhang Z.;  Daly J.S.;  Li C.;  Tyrrell S.;  Sun X.;  Badenszki E.;  Li Y.;  Zhang D.;  Tian Y.;  Yan Y.
Renewable energy in EU-China relations: Policy interdependence and its geopolitical implications [期刊论文]
Energy Policy, 2021-01-01, 156
Sattich T.;  Freeman D.;  Scholten D.;  Yan S.
Identifying rainfall threshold of flash flood using entropy decision approach and hydrological model method [期刊论文]
Natural Hazards, 2021-01-01, 108 (2
Lin K.;  Zhou J.;  Liang R.;  Hu X.;  Lan T.;  Liu M.;  Gao X.;  Yan D.
A novel combination approach for karst collapse susceptibility assessment using the analytic hierarchy process, catastrophe, and entropy model [期刊论文]
Natural Hazards, 2021-01-01, 105 (1
Wei A.;  Li D.;  Zhou Y.;  Deng Q.;  Yan L.
Perovskite-based tandem solar cells [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01, 66 (6
Fang Z.;  Zeng Q.;  Zuo C.;  Zhang L.;  Xiao H.;  Cheng M.;  Hao F.;  Bao Q.;  Zhang L.;  Yuan Y.;  Wu W.-Q.;  Zhao D.;  Cheng Y.;  Tan H.;  Xiao Z.;  Yang S.;  Liu F.;  Jin Z.;  Yan J.;  Ding L.
Chiglitazar monotherapy with sitagliptin as an active comparator in patients with type 2 diabetes: a randomized, double-blind, phase 3 trial (CMAS) [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01, 66 (15
Jia W.;  Ma J.;  Miao H.;  Wang C.;  Wang X.;  Li Q.;  Lu W.;  Yang J.;  Zhang L.;  Yang J.;  Wang G.;  Zhang X.;  Zhang M.;  Sun L.;  Yu X.;  Du J.;  Shi B.;  Xiao C.;  Zhu D.;  Liu H.;  Zhong L.;  Xu C.;  Xu Q.;  Liang G.;  Zhang Y.;  Li G.;  Gu M.;  Liu J.;  Yuan G.;  Yan Z.;  Yan D.;  Ye S.;  Zhang F.;  Ning Z.;  Cao H.;  Pan D.;  Yao H.;  Lu X.;  Ji L.
Small P values may not yield robust findings: an example using REST-meta-PD [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01,
Jia X.-Z.;  Zhao N.;  Dong H.-M.;  Sun J.-W.;  Barton M.;  Burciu R.;  Carrière N.;  Cerasa A.;  Chen B.-Y.;  Chen J.;  Coombes S.;  Defebvre L.;  Delmaire C.;  Dujardin K.;  Esposito F.;  Fan G.-G.;  Di Nardo F.;  Feng Y.-X.;  Fling B.W.;  Garg S.;  Gilat M.;  Gorges M.;  Ho S.-L.;  Horak F.B.;  Hu X.;  Hu X.-F.;  Huang B.;  Huang P.-Y.;  Jia Z.-J.;  Jones C.;  Kassubek J.;  Krajcovicova L.;  Kurani A.;  Li J.;  Li Q.;  Liu A.-P.;  Liu B.;  Liu H.;  Liu W.-G.;  Lopes R.;  Lou Y.-T.;  Luo W.;  Madhyastha T.;  Mao N.-N.;  McAlonan G.;  McKeown M.J.;  Pang S.Y.Y.;  Quattrone A.;  Rektorova I.;  Sarica A.;  Shang H.-F.;  Shine J.M.;  Shukla P.;  Slavicek T.;  Song X.-P.;  Tedeschi G.;  Tessitore A.;  Vaillancourt D.;  Wang J.;  Wang J.;  Jane Wang Z.;  Wei L.-Q.;  Wu X.;  Xu X.-J.;  Yan L.;  Yang J.;  Yang W.-Q.;  Yao N.-L.;  Zhang D.-L.;  Zhang J.-Q.;  Zhang M.-M.;  Zhang Y.-L.;  Zhou C.-H.;  Yan C.-G.;  Zuo X.-N.;  Hallett M.;  Wu T.;  Zang Y.-F.
Simulation of higher-order topological phases and related topological phase transitions in a superconducting qubit [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01, 66 (12
Niu J.;  Yan T.;  Zhou Y.;  Tao Z.;  Li X.;  Liu W.;  Zhang L.;  Jia H.;  Liu S.;  Yan Z.;  Chen Y.;  Yu D.
Ecology of avian influenza viruses in migratory birds wintering within the Yangtze River wetlands [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01,
Wang D.;  Li M.;  Xiong C.;  Yan Y.;  Hu J.;  Hao M.;  Liang B.;  Chen J.;  Chen G.;  Yang G.;  Li Y.;  Zhang J.;  Gulyaeva M.;  Shestopalov A.;  Shi W.;  Bi Y.;  Liu H.;  Wang H.;  Liu D.;  Chen J.

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