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Synthesis of bismuth molybdate photocatalysts for CO 2 photo-reduction [期刊论文]
Journal of CO2 Utilization, 2019-01-01, 29
Cheng L.;  Liu L.;  Wang D.;  Yang F.;  Ye J.
Mechanisms of peroxymonosulfate pretreatment enhancing production of short-chain fatty acids from waste activated sludge [期刊论文]
Water Research, 2019-01-01, 148
Yang J.;  Liu X.;  Wang D.;  Xu Q.;  Yang Q.;  Zeng G.;  Li X.;  Liu Y.;  Gong J.;  Ye J.;  Li H.
Late Miocene-Pliocene climate evolution recorded by the red clay cover on the Xiaoshuizi planation surface, NE Tibetan Plateau [期刊论文]
Climate of the Past, 2019-01-01, 15 (2
Li X.;  Peng T.;  Ma Z.;  Li M.;  Feng Z.;  Guo B.;  Yu H.;  Ye X.;  Hui Z.;  Song C.;  Li J.
A cloud-resolving simulation study of monthly-scale autumn precipitation on Hainan Island: The effects of three categories of Graupel on rainfall [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Research, 2019-01-01, 220
Li J.;  Ye Q.;  Li F.;  Chen Y.
Direct and indirect effects of climate on richness drive the latitudinal diversity gradient in forest trees [期刊论文]
Ecology Letters, 2019-01-01, 22 (2
Chu C.;  Lutz J.A.;  Král K.;  Vrška T.;  Yin X.;  Myers J.A.;  Abiem I.;  Alonso A.;  Bourg N.;  Burslem D.F.R.P.;  Cao M.;  Chapman H.;  Condit R.;  Fang S.;  Fischer G.A.;  Gao L.;  Hao Z.;  Hau B.C.H.;  He Q.;  Hector A.;  Hubbell S.P.;  Jiang M.;  Jin G.;  Kenfack D.;  Lai J.;  Li B.;  Li X.;  Li Y.;  Lian J.;  Lin L.;  Liu Y.;  Liu Y.;  Luo Y.;  Ma K.;  McShea W.;  Memiaghe H.;  Mi X.;  Ni M.;  O'Brien M.J.;  de Oliveira A.A.;  Orwig D.A.;  Parker G.G.;  Qiao X.;  Ren H.;  Reynolds G.;  Sang W.;  Shen G.;  Su Z.;  Sui X.;  Sun I.-F.;  Tian S.;  Wang B.;  Wang X.;  Wang X.;  Wang Y.;  Weiblen G.D.;  Wen S.;  Xi N.;  Xiang W.;  Xu H.;  Xu K.;  Ye W.;  Zhang B.;  Zhang J.;  Zhang X.;  Zhang Y.;  Zhu K.;  Zimmerman J.;  Storch D.;  Baltzer J.L.;  Anderson-Teixeira K.J.;  Mittelbach G.G.;  He F.
Global distribution and evolvement of urbanization and PM2.5 (1998–2015) [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2018-01-01, 182
Yang D;  , Ye C;  , Wang X;  , Lu D;  , Xu J;  , Yang H
Characteristics of atmospheric ammonia and its relationship with vehicle emissions in a megacity in China [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2018-01-01, 182
Wang R;  , Ye X;  , Liu Y;  , Li H;  , Yang X;  , Chen J;  , Gao W;  , Yin Z
Exploratory study of atmospheric methane enhancements derived from natural gas use in the Houston urban area [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2018-01-01, 176
Sanchez N;  P;  , Zheng C;  , Ye W;  , Czader B;  , Cohan D;  S;  , Tittel F;  K;  , Griffin R;  J
Which temperature and precipitation extremes best explain the variation of warm versus cold years and wet versus dry years? [期刊论文]
Journal of Climate, 2018-01-01, 31 (1
Ye J.-S.;  Gong Y.-H.;  Zhang F.;  Ren J.;  Bai X.-K.;  Zheng Y.
Electrochemical conversion of CO2 over microchanneled cathode supports of solid oxide electrolysis cells [期刊论文]
Journal of CO2 Utilization, 2018-01-01, 26
Yu L.;  Wang J.;  Ye Z.;  Hu X.;  Buckley C.E.;  Marnellos G.E.;  Dong D.

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