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Global wheat production with 1.5 and 2.0°C above pre-industrial warming [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2019-01-01, 25 (4
Liu B.;  Martre P.;  Ewert F.;  Porter J.R.;  Challinor A.J.;  Müller C.;  Ruane A.C.;  Waha K.;  Thorburn P.J.;  Aggarwal P.K.;  Ahmed M.;  Balkovič J.;  Basso B.;  Biernath C.;  Bindi M.;  Cammarano D.;  De Sanctis G.;  Dumont B.;  Espadafor M.;  Eyshi Rezaei E.;  Ferrise R.;  Garcia-Vila M.;  Gayler S.;  Gao Y.;  Horan H.;  Hoogenboom G.;  Izaurralde R.C.;  Jones C.D.;  Kassie B.T.;  Kersebaum K.C.;  Klein C.;  Koehler A.-K.;  Maiorano A.;  Minoli S.;  Montesino San Martin M.;  Naresh Kumar S.;  Nendel C.;  O’Leary G.J.;  Palosuo T.;  Priesack E.;  Ripoche D.;  Rötter R.P.;  Semenov M.A.;  Stöckle C.;  Streck T.;  Supit I.;  Tao F.;  Van der Velde M.;  Wallach D.;  Wang E.;  Webber H.;  Wolf J.;  Xiao L.;  Zhang Z.;  Zhao Z.;  Zhu Y.;  Asseng S.
Climate change impact and adaptation for wheat protein [期刊论文]
Global Change Biology, 2019-01-01, 25 (1
Asseng S.;  Martre P.;  Maiorano A.;  Rötter R.P.;  O’Leary G.J.;  Fitzgerald G.J.;  Girousse C.;  Motzo R.;  Giunta F.;  Babar M.A.;  Reynolds M.P.;  Kheir A.M.S.;  Thorburn P.J.;  Waha K.;  Ruane A.C.;  Aggarwal P.K.;  Ahmed M.;  Balkovič J.;  Basso B.;  Biernath C.;  Bindi M.;  Cammarano D.;  Challinor A.J.;  De Sanctis G.;  Dumont B.;  Eyshi Rezaei E.;  Fereres E.;  Ferrise R.;  Garcia-Vila M.;  Gayler S.;  Gao Y.;  Horan H.;  Hoogenboom G.;  Izaurralde R.C.;  Jabloun M.;  Jones C.D.;  Kassie B.T.;  Kersebaum K.-C.;  Klein C.;  Koehler A.-K.;  Liu B.;  Minoli S.;  Montesino San Martin M.;  Müller C.;  Naresh Kumar S.;  Nendel C.;  Olesen J.E.;  Palosuo T.;  Porter J.R.;  Priesack E.;  Ripoche D.;  Semenov M.A.;  Stöckle C.;  Stratonovitch P.;  Streck T.;  Supit I.;  Tao F.;  Van der Velde M.;  Wallach D.;  Wang E.;  Webber H.;  Wolf J.;  Xiao L.;  Zhang Z.;  Zhao Z.;  Zhu Y.;  Ewert F.
Evaluation of pepper mild mottle virus as an indicator of human faecal pollution in shellfish and growing waters [期刊论文]
Water Research, 2019-01-01, 154
Gyawali P.;  Croucher D.;  Ahmed W.;  Devane M.;  Hewitt J.
Hydro-geophysical characterization and performance evaluation of natural wetlands in a semi-arid wastewater irrigated landscape [期刊论文]
Water Research, 2019-01-01, 148
Sonkamble S.;  Sahya A.;  Jampani M.;  Ahmed S.;  Amerasinghe P.
Steps to overcome the North–South divide in research relevant to climate change policy and practice [期刊论文]
Nature Climate Change, 2017-01-04, Volume:7) : Pages:21;27 (2017)
Malgorzata Blicharska;  Richard J. Smithers;  Magdalena Kuchler;  Ganesh K. Agrawal;  José;  M. Gutié;  rrez;  Ahmed Hassanali;  Saleemul Huq;  Silvia H. Koller;  Sugata Marjit;  Hassan M. Mshinda;  Hj Hassan Masjuki;  Noel W. Solomons;  Johannes Van Staden;  Grzegorz Mikusiń;  ski
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Genes Interacting with Occupational Exposures to Low Molecular Weight Agents and Irritants on Adult-Onset Asthma in Three European Studies [期刊论文]
Environmental Health Perspectives, 2017-01-01, Volume 125 (Issue 2
Marta Rava;  1;  2* Ismail Ahmed;  3;  4;  5* Manolis Kogevinas;  6;  7# Nicole Le Moual;  1;  8# Emmanuelle Bouzigon;  9;  10 Ivan Curjuric;  11;  12 Marie-Hélène Dizier;  9;  10 Orianne Dumas;  1;  8 Juan R. Gonzalez;  6;  7 Medea Imboden;  11;  12 Amar J. Mehta;  11;  12;  13 Pascale Tubert-Bitter;  3;  4;  5 Jan-Paul Zock;  6;  7;  14 Deborah Jarvis;  15;  16 Nicole M. Probst-Hensch;  11;  12 Florence Demenais;  9;  10†;  Rachel Nadif1;  8†
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Are Karakoram temperatures out of phase compared to hemispheric trends? [期刊论文]
Climate Dynamics, 2017-01-01, 48 (2017-09-10
Asad F.;  Zhu H.;  Zhang H.;  Liang E.;  Muhammad S.;  Farhan S.B.;  Hussain I.;  Wazir M.A.;  Ahmed M.;  Esper J.
Projecting regional climate and cropland changes using a linked biogeophysical-socioeconomic modeling framework: 1. Model description and an equilibrium application over West Africa [期刊论文]
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 2017-01-01, 9 (1
Wang G;  , Ahmed K;  F;  , You L;  , Yu M;  , Pal J;  , Ji Z
Levels and sources of heavy metals and PAHs in sediment of Djibouti-city (Republic of Djibouti) [期刊论文]
Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2017-01-01, 120 (2018-01-02
Mahdi Ahmed M.;  Doumenq P.;  Awaleh M.O.;  Syakti A.D.;  Asia L.;  Chiron S.
Patterns of Transcript Abundance of Eukaryotic Biogeochemically-Relevant Genes in the Amazon River Plume [期刊论文]
PLOS ONE, 2016-01-01, 11 (9
Brian L. Zielinski;  Andrew E. Allen;  Edward J. Carpenter;  Victoria J. Coles;  Byron C. Crump;  Mary Doherty;  Rachel A. Foster;  Joaquim I. Goes;  Helga R. Gomes;  Raleigh R. Hood;  John P. McCrow;  Joseph P. Montoya;  Ahmed Moustafa;  Brandon M. Satinsky;  Shalabh Sharma;  Christa B. Smith;  Patricia L. Yager;  John H. Paul
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