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A global quantitation of factors affecting evapotranspiration variability [期刊论文]
Journal of Hydrology, 2020-01-01, 584
Feng S.;  Liu J.;  Zhang Q.;  Zhang Y.;  Singh V.P.;  Gu X.;  Sun P.
Responses of antioxidative enzymes and gene expression in Oryza sativa L and Cucumis sativus L seedlings to microcystins stress [期刊论文]
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 2020-01-01, 193
Gu Y.;  Liang C.
Ecological civilization and government administrative system reform in China [期刊论文]
Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2020-01-01, 155
Gu Y.;  Wu Y.;  Liu J.;  Xu M.;  Zuo T.
Variability of sea ice area in the Bohai Sea from 1958 to 2015 [期刊论文]
Science of the Total Environment, 2020-01-01, 709
Yan Y.;  Uotila P.;  Huang K.;  Gu W.
Ecoenzymatic stoichiometry and microbial nutrient limitations in rhizosphere soil along the Hailuogou Glacier forefield chronosequence [期刊论文]
Science of the Total Environment, 2020-01-01, 704
Li Q.;  Liu Y.;  Gu Y.;  Guo L.;  Huang Y.;  Zhang J.;  Xu Z.;  Tan B.;  Zhang L.;  Chen L.;  Xiao J.;  Zhu P.
Atmospheric nitrous acid (HONO) at a rural coastal site in North China: Seasonal variations and effects of biomass burning [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2020-01-01, 229
Gu R.;  Zheng P.;  Chen T.;  Dong C.;  Wang Y.;  Liu Y.;  Liu Y.;  Luo Y.;  Han G.;  Wang X.;  Zhou X.;  Wang T.;  Wang W.;  Xue L.
Computational fluid dynamics prediction of formaldehyde emission and sorption processes in a small test chamber with mixing fan and vents [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2020-01-01, 229
Mu Y.-T.;  Li Z.-A.;  Gu Z.-L.;  Tao W.-Q.
Formation of brown carbon on Fe-bearing clay from volatile phenol under simulated atmospheric conditions [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2020-01-01, 228
Ling J.;  Sheng F.;  Wang Y.;  Peng A.;  Jin X.;  Gu C.
Establishment and evaluation of anthropogenic black and organic carbon emissions over Central Plain, China [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2020-01-01, 226
Zhang H.;  Yin S.;  Bai L.;  Lu X.;  Wang C.;  Gu X.;  Li Y.
Summertime ozone pollution in Sichuan Basin, China: Meteorological conditions, sources and process analysis [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2020-01-01, 226
Yang X.;  Wu K.;  Wang H.;  Liu Y.;  Gu S.;  Lu Y.;  Zhang X.;  Hu Y.;  Ou Y.;  Wang S.;  Wang Z.

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